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What is Wake Up UK?

An uncensored social network website where free speech is adored and political correctness is ignored!

A neutral platform where people can stand together in solidarity and work in partnership against all that threatens British culture, values, laws and way of life.

Live Show Schedule

6:00pm – Luke Uncaged
7:30pm – Lee Garrett & Mark Steele
10:30pm – Windy Millar

6:00pm – Elliott Clark
7:30pm – John Lawrence
9:00pm – Tracy Blackwell
10:30pm – Davey Russell

6:00pm – Katie-Jayne Swallow
7:30pm – Tom English
9:00pm – Shaun Morris
10:30pm – Dave Simpson

6:00pm – Jimmy The Hat
7:40pm – Jeremy Poole
9:00pm – Vinnie Sullivan
10:30pm – Tom Stormsfury (Zero News) – starting in December

6:00pm – Joseph & Bobby Blair
9:00pm – Jaqui Lowry

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