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I’d like to state for the record that Right Unity is NOT a member of The People’s Revolution Party or the Brexit Alliance.

They have used the Right Unity logo without my permission or consultation.

The sole purpose of Right Unity’s activity on facebook is to promote the website at which is a social media platform and a neutral platform for members from all parties and group with no allegiance to any one particular party or group.

Tom Parsons the leader of The Peoples Revolution Party was invited to be interviewed on a live show on the Right Unity website recently. The leaders of other parties and groups are equally welcome to be interviewed on the live shows on the website. Being interviewed does not constitute an affiliation.

I’m happy to admit that I recently looked at the website for The People’s Revolution Party and was impressed by what I read in their manifesto. I chose to pay the £1 to join as a member but it is very important note that I did this as Jason Tyler (the individual) NOT as Right Unity!

Jason Tyler (the individual) joined TPRP, Right Unity DID NOT join TPRP or The Brexit Alliance.

I hope you’ll agree that a persons individual politcal preference should be allowed to remain private. I am both angry and appalled that they should take my personal membership as Jason Tyler (the individual) and portray that to you as meaning Right Unity has joined. This is both wrong and unethical.

Had they publicly announced that Jason Tyler has joined The People’s Revolution Party that would have been true. HOWEVER to announce that would be an invasion of my personal privacy and a breach of data protection laws. We all know that political parties do not publicise who their individual members are. This is something I fully intend to investigate.

I request that Tom Parsons, the leader of The People’s Revolution Party confirm publicly that the above is true, denounce that Right Unity has joined the Brexit Alliance and remove the Right Unity logo and all mention of Right Unity from their social media and website within 7 days.

Tom Parsons please consider this a cease and desist request and notify me if you require this in writing.

If anybody has any questions regarding Right Unity please ask me and I am happy to answer you openly and honestly.

I am not willing to discuss my personal political preferences above and beyond what is stated above. Please respect my right to personal privacy with regard to my personal political views. Let’s just say this has made me have a rethink.

Please share this far and wide to help me to clarify to as many people as possible the position of Right Unity.

Many thanks,
Jason Tyler

Please help me keep the site going.


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