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Conservative MPs have voted against allowing another challenge to Theresa May’s leadership early. Another terrible decision.

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Members of the Conservative 1922 Committee voted against changing the rules to allow another challenge early by nine to seven.

Instead, the MPs are only asking for some sort of timetable as to when Theresa May intends to move out the way.

The weak response comes despite the vast majority of Tory members wanting May to resign, according to a ConservativeHome survey.

The decision by Conservative MPs not to act was criticised by Brexit Party MEP candidate John Longworth who has said: “One thing is clear given the reports of the 1922 Committee it is not just the government who have completely lost the plot, it is also the Parliamentary Party and one can only conclude that they deserve everything they get from the voting public.”

Meanwhile Paul Reynolds tweeted: “1922 Committee pushed me over the top…£25 paid & I’m a member of the Brexit Party.”

Instead of Conservative MPs ousting May, she is somehow still in charge with the UK heading for European Elections in a country that should have left the EU by now.

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