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A deep-dive into the ideological system of governance that is Technocracy


This week I listened to a very inciteful interview between Patrick Woods and Dr Joseph Mercola, the topic being “Technocracy” how many of us even know what this is?

But as I listened I became captivated – today’s chaos and confusion was becoming clearer – I believe Technocracy is being thrust upon us.


What is Technocracy?

The term Technocracy was originally used to signify the application of the scientific method to solving social problems some might call it Scientific Dictatorship.

This philosophy can be traced way back to the 1800s to the father of Technocracy, a French Philosopher named Henri de Saint-Simon. He is considered to be the father of Scientism and Social Sciences, as well as the father of Transhumanism and Technocracy.

He stated:  “A scientist, my dear friends,” is a man who foresees.  It is because science provides the means to predict, that it is useful, and the scientists are superior to all other men.”

Technocracy as a movement started in earnest in the 1930s, in the heat of the Great Depression, it happened at Columbia University.  Scientists and engineers got together to address the problem of the Great Depression.

It was a depressing time, the soup lines, the unemployment and natural disasters.  It looked like capitalism and free enterprise were going to die, so these engineers, egotistical as they were, said, “we can do better.  We can invent a new economic system from scratch that will solve all the problems of the world and will really take us into the future.”

It was to be a resource-based economic system not based on pricing mechanisms, as we understand supply and demand, but based on energy. They actually proposed to use an energy script instead of money, and let energy be the determining factor on what was produced, bought, sold, and consumed.  To produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population.

Politicians Must Go   

It was an economic system, not a political system Technocrats viewed politics and Politicians as an unnecessary irrelevance, just a stumbling block.

They proposed to get rid of all politicians, dismiss all elected officials and to erase the whole political system leaving no citizen representation of government.  That also meant the Constitution would be immaterial because that defines the political structure.

Extreme Social Engineering

It is the science of social engineering at its extreme, not only engineering society and environment but engineering us personally.

That ought to be enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, because who wants to be scientifically engineered by somebody who you don’t know, somebody who doesn’t know you, but rather has this idea that they can reform you remake you as some other image.  We are simply a part of it a little cog in a much bigger picture.

It guides everything else you do within your life at that point.  It is a dangerous thinking process using science to manipulate society and its behaviours.

Technocracy during World War II

When Hitler rose to power, he realized that the Technocrats, as an organization, would be competitive with him becoming a dictator.  So he outlawed the Technocrat party in Germany.  At about the same time, Canada, outlawed Technocracy in Canada but not in the United States.

During Hitler’s reign, it was later discovered by historians that these Technocrats, who were banned from meeting were actually very active throughout the war.

They were the ones who were the statisticians, the mathematicians, the physicists, the engineers for business who enabled Hitler’s expansion and dictatorship. That’s not to say that they were all in lockstep with his goals, but they had a good time supporting all those things, because they were highly prized by Hitler and his leadership.

During the war, they found out that these Technocrats were communicating between the columns of power in Nazi Germany. Hitler was rather paranoid about keeping all of those different areas separate so they would not communicate, but they did communicate.

When the war was over, Hitler was dead and the Nuremberg trials went ahead, a top-secret operation in the United States was declassified, lots of books were written about it, it was called Operation Paperclip.

Between 1945 and 1959 some 1,600 of these top scientists and engineers were taken from Germany to the United States, for US Government employment.  Many were former members, and some former leaders of the Nazi Party.  They were installed into positions of scientific prowess in the US, at the National Technology Agencies.   NASA is the biggest example of where the rocket scientists were placed and continued to practice their science and engineering.

So the same people who were helping Hitler completely bypassed the Nuremberg trials.

In the 1930s, the Technocrats wanted to completely dissolve the US political system. They openly called upon Franklin D. Roosevelt to declare himself dictator, so that he could just implement Technocracy.

He didn’t take them up on it.

The Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission picked up the concept of Technocracy in 1973, brought in by its Co-founder, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and David Rockefeller (the money behind the project).

Brzezinski wrote a book called “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.” This caught Rockefeller’s eye and brought the two together.

They went on to form the Trilateral Commission, which declared from day one, that they wanted to foster a new international economic order.

The Trilateral Commission took over the administration of Jimmy Carter, almost lock, stock and barrel.  Carter was a member himself.  At one time, all of the cabinet members, except one, was a member.  Over the next few years, 8 out of 10 of the World Bank Presidents get appointed by the US who were members of the Trilateral Commission. They moved in and dominated the political structure.

Jimmy Carter was a Democrat. Ronald Reagan came in after that, along with George Bush, who is a Republican. And then came George Bush again, as his own presidency. Bush was a member of the Trilateral Commission. Then Bill Clinton and Al Gore came in, in the ‘90s. They were also members of the Trilateral Commission.

Democrat, Republican, Democrat, it didn’t seem to matter.  They were after the mechanism, because America was the greatest economic engine in the world. They wanted to get control of that economic engine to manipulate it for their own benefit and convert it or transform it into Technocracy. Which they saw as inevitable.

Politicians are seen as the useful idiots to the Technocrats.

The idea of being involved in politics had nothing to do with politics.  Political parties have come and gone, they use that political mechanism to further their own interest they have no interest in the political mechanism.  When it is convenient for them to get rid of it, they will and that will be the end of it.

The End Game

It is very important to understand that this has been a very clever and sophisticated strategy and a very patient one.  There is no rush to power. They are committed to the long-term.

This is an invisible enemy that has literally spent the last several generations compiling their power base. They’ve done it progressively over time. They engineer the circumstances that allow them to take more and more power.

They are in the process of doing it now with the current Pandemic. Moving us towards an authoritarian tyranny.

The have been successful in many countries of the world implementing their strategies, but they haven’t in the US, primarily because of the Constitution which is their biggest barrier to implementing Technocracy.  So, they have been really focusing on the United States.

The strategy has been to build infrastructure for their system. Infrastructure is the schematic diagram that makes things work.

The concept of infrastructure is basic to any economic system. The infrastructure of Technocracy has to do with anything called “Smart.” Smart growth, Smart Cities, Smart Motorways, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, the internet of things that ties everything together, the sensors, the cameras, This is the infrastructure of the digital era all technology-based.

This started way back when the Trilateral Commission was first started.  One of the founding members of the Commission was Casper Weinberger, who happened to be the President of Bechtel Engineering. The largest private engineering company in the world.  Nobody knows much about them. But they were part of the Trilateral Commission.

Brzezinski has been credited as the guy who brought China back onto the world stage.  By the time China was legally allowed to receive Western aid, Western companies coming in, Bechtel engineering had already executed and completed 18 major infrastructure projects in China.

They did this at a time when it was illegal to deal with the “enemy,” because China were still the enemy back then. They simply ignored US law and they sent their Caterpillar tractors and whatever else was required over to help China build the infrastructure. This was before China even had a dream of becoming what it is today.

They built power plants, city infrastructure, dams and manufacturing, electrical grid things that would connect manufacturing together.  They have been focusing on infrastructure ever since.  Without building this infrastructure, they have nothing. They could get nowhere.

We’ve seen this emphasis on infrastructure ever since 1973 in ways that, people can hardly  understand because it’s so technological. But the infrastructure is still being laid today, including such things as the internet of things, where sensors and everything connect together to feed data back to some mainframe somewhere.  And cameras to film everything in society and take that back to the computer somewhere.

All financial transactions, all data transactions that you and I do go back to some computer somewhere where now AI is coming in and sitting on top of it all to make sense of all that data coming in.

This business of infrastructure is very sophisticated. Today it’s called supply chain. That’s a term you’ll hear often. The supply chain, moving goods and services to get it in the right place, just in time. No warehouse is necessary. Just kind of ship it and it’s there exactly the day you need it. This has all been automated as well as part of the infrastructure you see, that they need to implement Technocracy.

This is the science of social engineering. It’s engineering by algorithm.

Rule by Algorithm

They saw this even back in the 1930s, when there was no such thing as AI. They realized that science, eventually, would get to the point where their algorithms could be automated and they would be able to replace the political structure, yet keep everything in line and working.

Rule by algorithm. Operation by algorithm.

This is the big predominant thing we see today. What doesn’t fit into the algorithm immediately, you’ll hear the term “Science says.” You will hear, “Science says this or science says that.”

Initially, it is just a suggestion, like when Dr Fauci says, “We should all have vaccines.” Or we’re going to have a vaccine one day and everybody should take that vaccine for whatever reason is convenient at the time. Maybe for herd immunity or maybe just for making money for Big Pharmaceutical companies.

But then if you look behind what they’re doing, it’s not just somebody saying, “Science says.” Then it will be “Let’s figure out a way to give everybody a vaccine passport, so that we can identify who’s had it and who’s hasn’t.” with those people failing to comply not being able to participate in all the things in society that the compliant can.

So you get the vaccines and just took the program without questioning.  Now it’s being set into, an algorithm to do it for us. The algorithm will control and manipulate everybody. So, it goes from, “Science says” to the algorithm, then it becomes automated.

They don’t have to say “Science says” anymore. They just push a button and the algorithm takes care of it and you get the shot and that’s the end of it.

DeepMind Technologies

This is a London based AI Company and research lab founded in 2010, acquired by Google in 2014 with research centres also in Canada, France and the US.  In 2015 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

DeepMind, has the best and largest number of AI scientists, they have massive surveillance and data collection tools from Android cell phones to the Google search engine, to the Chrome browser, they’ve been collecting data for two decades and they know what changes our behaviour. They know exactly what motivates people into action.  They have got the infrastructure in place to change behaviour.

Data is more valuable to Technocracy than any other commodity, this is perfectly in line with the scientific social engineering concept.  Whoever owns the data, controls the system.

A New Digital Currency System

Two of the last pieces of the totalitarian takeover will be the transition to an all-digital currency linked to digital IDs. With that, enforcement of social rules will be more or less assured as your finances, indeed your entire identity, can easily be held hostage if you fail to comply.

Just think how easy it would be to automate it such that if you fail to get your mandated vaccine, or post something undesirable on the internet, your bank account becomes unavailable or your biometric ID won’t allow you entry into your office building.

On August 13, 2020, an article on the Federal Reserve website discusses the supposed benefits of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). There’s general agreement among experts that most major countries will implement CBDC within the next 2 to 4 years.

An all-digital currency system also plays into social engineering, as it can be used to incentivise desired behaviours, very similar to what China is doing with their social credit system. You might get a certain amount of digital currency but you have to buy a certain item or perform a particular task within a certain timeframe.

Many uninformed people will believe that these new CBDCs will be very similar to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but they would be seriously mistaken.  Bitcoin is decentralised and a rational strategy to opt out of the existing central bank controlled system, while these CBDCs will be centralized and completely controlled by central banks.


This is truly a chilling picture and does not bode well for and the future of humanity with all personal freedom lost, but it encapsulates perfectly where we appear to be heading.

I will sum up with one of Patrick Wood’s quotes made over 4 years ago which is very poignant to today:-

In many ways, ideology can be compared to a virus. History is riddled with failed ideas that were forgotten as soon as they were uttered, many virus mutations terminated before they ever had a chance to infect the victims.  

What is necessary for a virus to spread is contagion or a medium by which it could be transmitted in order for Technocracy to make a resurgence on the world stage.  It requires a contagion by which societies and social systems could be successfully infected.”

Covid-19 is the perfect vehicle for transmission of the Technocracy virus onto the world stage.

Problem – Reaction – Solution!

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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