Graham Gudgin: Has Johnson kept his promises on Northern Ireland?

Graham Gudgin is Chief Economic Adviser at Policy Exchange. Last week the Cabinet Office released its command paper on how the United Kingdom intends to operationalise its undertakings in the Irish Protocol section of last October’s Withdrawal Agreement. The most...

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France Burned 1.6 Billion Face Masks in the Run Up to Coronavirus

France Burned 1.6 Billion Face Masks in the Run Up to Coronavirus Scandal is brewing in France as it has been revealed it was the policy of successive French governments to burn and not replace swathes of their expensive stockpiles of PPE. In 2011, the nation’s...

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It is always fascinating to see Conservatives fail to fully grasp the consequences of socialised medicine. On the one hand, they are perfectly happy to put up with high income taxes and VAT to fund what is generally considered to be a world class healthcare system....

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