Rishi Should Thank Smokers

Rishi Should Thank Smokers Following studies showing smokers are both less likely to catch, and less likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19, there is more to praise this too often maligned section of society. With VAT receipts down 93% and tobacco duty revenue up...

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Lobby Try Politicising Civil Servants, End Up Looking Silly

Lobby Try Politicising Civil Servants, End Up Looking Silly [embedded content]Another daily briefing, another attempt by the Lobby’s titans last night to keep the flame of the Cummings saga alive. At the Downing Street briefing they tried to drag boffins Sir Patrick...

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Newslinks for Friday 29th May 2020

UK offers Hong Kong residents escape from China crackdown “Britain will give greater visa rights to the people of Hong Kong unless China suspends new security laws in the territory, the foreign secretary has said. The National People’s Congress of China...

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