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EU politics: Muppets eat Muppet

With Mr Cameron at the European Council in Brussels, going through the theatrical ritual of saving us from something that isn't going to happen, his own Muppets in Open Europe are turning on him, blaming him for failing to play their incredible renegotiation game by...

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EU politics: a silent revolution

Yesterday's agreement on a banking deal has scarcely raised a ripple in the halls of euroscepticaemia, having been entirely ignored on the UKIP website as the party continues to obsess over immigration.As part of this deal, though, a €55 billion settlement fund is to...

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EU politics: treaty on schedule

I have been nothing if not consistent in saying that we must wait until Angela Merkel settles down after her election before we hear about her plans for a new EU treaty. And here we go, at her very first Bundestag address after her re-appointment as German chancellor,...

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EU politics: the “swamp” is the prize

This was from his book, "Which way to peace?". And now we get Matthew Goodwin, in the Guardian quoting the self-same Bertrand Russell, telling us that, "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people so...

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EU politics: no further forward

She has been addressing the commons home affairs select committee but her "clarification" makes this post more about the media than about immigration The issue here is that there never was a "plan". As pointed out in my previous post, the idea of a "cap" always was an...

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EU politics: fracking roadmap to nowhere?

Sounding the alarm last week about Commission plans to regulate shale gas "fracking" was Owen Paterson, who has been lobbying behind the scenes to head off this potentially damaging measure at the pass.However, as this blog reported back in October, the Commission is...

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EU politics: and so it goes on

Then you have Mr Clegg having an attack of the vapours, with the BBC giving it full frontal in a piece that tries its best to tell us we are over-reacting, while misrepresenting the government position – which is hardly surprising because the government has yet to...

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EU politics: Turkey outside the narrative

Apart from the BBC and the Financial Times, we see nothing of it in the British legacy media (unless you count a tiny piece in the Guardian that has just emerged), despite it being run fully in the German press and even in the Washington Post.The essence of the...

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EU politics: an impression of activity

Making the weather all yesterday was the Sunday Times (paywall) with its "revelations" on the Government's Balance of Competences study. This looked specifically at freedom of movement and was trailed by The Times earlier in the week, then to be picked up by the likes...

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Global governance: the simplified version

For a start, one should note that UK was actually one of the first in the field, as this website helpfully shows: we go back to the Petroleum Act of 1879 and the Petroleum (Consolidation Act) of 1928. The latter remained (with subsidiary regulations) the major...

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