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EU politics: it’s all our fault

Viviane Reding, justice commissioner and Commission vice-president, is picking up on the "free movement" issue, telling what some might regard on the Brussels circuit as "home truths".The essence of what she has to say is that Britain's welfare system is too generous...

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Booker: our wonderful legal system

Booker: our wonderful legal system Richard North, 05/12/2013    Follow @eureferendum The latest episode of the stolen baby story is in the Daily Mail, with Sue Reid interviewing the mother. This has now stepped up a notch: the Italian government has instructed...

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EU politics: Goldman FUD

EU politics: Goldman FUD

EU politics: Goldman FUD Richard North, 05/12/2013    Follow @eureferendum Goldman Sachs has said it would move much of its European business out of London if Britain leaves the European Union.  Frankly, I cannot think of a better reason for leaving the European...

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UKIP: more foaming at the mouth

"Achtung! EU plan to replace British roadsigns with ones that 'talk' in Euro-speak", proclaimed the Mail on Sunday last weekend, in a classic "little Englander" piece that gives so much succour to our enemies.This, in usual style, was picked up by the Telegraph, which...

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EU politics: dragging up old history

Following on from the spate of publicity for Hannan's latest brainchild, we have a rather wearisome Allan Massie, in his blog, contradicting Iain Martin over his comments on whether there was a British presence at the Messina conference in 1995.Martin, according to...

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Booker: the searchlight of publicity

For the second day running, the Mail gives the "baby-snatch" story its front page lead. But, Booker gets to tell the story as well, shining a light on the doings of the secretive court of protection.You can't fault the Mail on this. It is sending its journalist, Sue...

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EU politics: a powerless prime minister?

Surely not? David Cameron has suggested he could be powerless to deliver on his promise to reduce net migration because of a recent surge in the number of people entering the UK from inside the European Union.The Prime Minister has previously said that he would bring...

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Brexit: a turning point in history?

The one thing that comes over loud and clear from Dominic Lawson's article on the Messina conference is that he hasn't read The Great Deception. Otherwise, he would never have described the foreign ministers of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and...

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Media: the story stealers

Booker's story on the baby stealers seems to have gone viral, even making the front page of the Daily Mail today.It is interesting, though, how many hundreds of newspapers – such as the Mirror - and online news aggregators have lifted it in its entirety without...

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EU politics: the polls are rising

EU politics: the polls are rising

EU politics: the polls are risingRichard North, 02/12/2013    Follow @eureferendum YouGov is telling us that 53 percent of British adults think the government should go ahead with the "new" rules on immigration, even at the expense of Britain's position in the EU.The...

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