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EU politics: sleepwalking towards an exit?

One of the absolutes in the minds of many who call themselves "eurosceptics" is the belief that the EU will go to any lengths to keep the UK in the Union, to the extent that they have even convinced themselves that Article 50 is a "trap" designed to prevent us from...

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Booker: an “exclusive” story for a change

Booker makes more of a mark than usual this week with a story that his own newspaper finds so remarkable that it has lifted it, and reworked it to put it in the news pages – claiming it as an "exclusive".And indeed it is a remarkable story, one where a pregnant...

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EU Referendum: the farce goes on

Not that anyone really noticed or cared, but the EU Referendum Bill passed its final stage in the Commons yesterday, despite efforts by Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs to delay its passage. The Bill now moves to the Lords.Tory MP sponsor, James Wharton, says this was...

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Immigration: Swiss migration action ignored

This news has been floating around a few days now, ignored by the British media, but has popped up on a speciality site, which gives it a topical hook.The Swiss, it tells us, are back at it again on immigration, having decided to hold a referendum on 9th February next...

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EU politics: John Major redefines the word “helpful”

John Major has praised his successor for his current handling of the EU, but then tells him he must be "smart enough" not to make impossible demands in his renegotiation of Britain's EU membership terms following a Conservative general election victory. He should...

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EU politics: a heroic failure in the making

Andrea Leadsom is at it again with her EU reform agenda, very much under the influence of the Muppets at Open Europe where the Lord Leach agenda prevails.This time, it's her Fresh Start Project Manifesto for Reform, setting out "clearly and precisely how the EU must...

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EU politics: you’ve been conned!

There must have been treble gins all round in Downing Street this morning after these headlines (above). For all the rhetoric, for all the analysis and for all the posturing, it boils down to the message millions of voters will receive: the government is doing...

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EU politics: mind games and snake oil solutions

"Britain is not acting alone in taking these steps", David Cameron was keen to assure us in his Financial Times extravaganza on restricting migration (not). But, as with everything else the Prime Minister does, smoke billows thickly over the mirrors.Far from having...

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EU politics: gesture politics on immigration

"Newly arrived EU jobseekers will not be able to claim housing benefit. If people are not here to work – if they are begging or sleeping rough – they will be removed. They will then be barred from re-entry for 12 months, unless they can prove they have a proper reason...

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EU politics: that didn’t take long

Britain, he says, has also been one of the strongest supporters of a single market. It is in our interests for that it should grow, and for our citizens to have the opportunity to work in other European countries, he adds.But, he now says, "things have gone wrong"....

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