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Booker: European law created this tax racket

Few scandals, writes Christopher Booker, have recently aroused more vociferous howls of outrage than revelations of how many large companies are making billions of pounds of profit in Britain while paying little or no tax.David Cameron, having put this "tax avoidance"...

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Tax sovereignty: Hammond enjoys fruits of silence

Given the ongoing debate about membership of the EU, one might have thought that the fact of a Conservative minister benefiting personally from EU law might be quite relevant. But this can only be the case if the media mention this salient fact, and so far none have...

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Brexit – tactical illiteracy

For years now, sundry campaigners have been asking the government to carry out a cost-benefit analysis on our membership of the EU, specifically to determine that which the respondents of this survey are being asked. And for years, the government has refused to do...

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Water: another empty promise?

As Sir Ian Byatt writes in City AM that "we must stop using water bills as a limitless environmental credit card", the BBC rushes in to tell us that Downing Street has indicated "action on water bills" will be announced next week as part of efforts to address concerns...

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Media: a milestone in journalism?

Brought to our attention by Jeremy Cliffe, the Economist's UK politics correspondent, is a correction in The Sun (paywall), admitting that it got its story on "benefit tourism" wrong. Contrary to its original story, there is "no evidence", it says, of 600,000 benefit...

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EU politics: obscuring the issues on tax

Obviously nervous about the ongoing backlash over the corporates and their tax affairs, David Cameron yesterday announced plans to create a publicly accessible central registry of information on beneficial ownership. This, Reuters tells us is "designed to expose...

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Brexit: observations on the shortlist

Your Freedom and Ourscomments on the IEA Brexit prize. Strangely, though, for something that is of such great interest to a large number of people, the legacy media is almost completely silent. So far, we have seen only one report, and that from City AM.That possibly...

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Brexit: IEA prize – we’ve been shortlisted

Well, it seems that my misgivings were misplaced. This fine body from the IEA (pictured) comprise the judges of the €100,000 Brexit prize has decided that our essay should be one of the twenty qualifiers, allowing us to go forward to the next and final stage of the...

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EU politics: Commissioner calls for “United States of Europe”

"The US can inspire us", says Viviane Reding, speaking at Yale University yesterday.Speaking to her American audience, the justice commissioner and vice-president of the European Commission, then says: "We should start moving towards a United States of Europe - a...

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Energy: a choice of predators

However, other than for the sheer spectacle, such that it is, it is very hard to see the value of yesterday's high profile oral hearings in the House of Commons. Most often in the select committee system, you have poorly-briefed and largely ignorant MPs seeking to...

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