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Energy: Miliband to freeze energy prices

Forget David Cameron and his measly referendum. If we elect Ed Miliband and his band of brothers (and sisters) he will give us something much better - an energy price freeze for 20 months.Never mind the fact that, as energy secretary, Mr Miliband was responsible for...

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Master race: Dale assaults protester

So, the Mighty Iain Dale tells us that Damian McBride was doing a live interview on Daybreak on the Brighton seafront – an open space accessible to the public.Dale is waiting in his car (on double yellow lines) to drive McBride to do his next interview with Nick...

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Global governance: hiding in plain sight

This gives Canada a reason for existing, as host to one of the hubs of global governance which increasingly dominates the way rules are created for us mere mortals.Top of the agenda for this component of the World Order, which formally came into being on 4 April 1947,...

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UKIP: Bloom – it ain’t over yet

Not waiting for the disciplinary hearing to confirm his suspension as a UKIP MEP, the oaf Bloom has taken the coward's way out and formally resigned from the UKIP group in the European Parliament.Intending, he says, to sit as an "independent", that means he takes with...

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Germany: it’s started

While Angela Merkel faces the complex decisions which will dictate the shape of the next German government, the "colleagues" are already ladling on the pressure. Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn, is leading the charge, calling on Merkel to...

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Germany: victory for Merkel

In what must be one of the most predictable elections in recent times, Merkel is claiming victory in the German general election. Her right-of-centre bloc has gained about 42 percent of the vote, up more than eight points over the 2009 election, in what has been...

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Brexit: Farage buys Article 50

The one problem is this, that under the current treaties, under the Lisbon treaty, the only mechanism by which we can withdraw is Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. Now Article 50 can be cited to renegotiate a relationship or to lead through to a divorce that takes two...

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EU regulation: playing the regulation cost card

If it hadn't been entirely his own fault, one could have had some sympathy with Farage as he surveyed the train wreck of his conference. "There is no media coverage of this conference. It's gone. It's dead", he complained to his faithful, yesterday. "It's all about...

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Media: getting UKIP wrong II

"It is no great surprise that UKIP should be so empty at its core", says the Mail on Sunday leader. "The childish braying of the MEP Godfrey Bloom has long been an embarrassment to British politics, only tolerated until now because his party is too short of talent to...

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UKIP: Bloom – be polite or I will hit you

UKIP: Bloom - be polite or I will hit you Richard North, 22/09/2013    Follow @eureferendum "That is a threat to any journalist who behaves to me in that manner again … you make racist comments in my face like that again, very likely you'll get a wee tap on the head...

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