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EU regulation: speed limiters on the way

EU regulation: speed limiters on the way

EU regulation: speed limiters on the way Richard North, 02/09/2013    Follow @eureferendum First the Mail ran a piece, which was then followed by the loss-making Guardian warning of impending EU rules which would require cars to be fitted with location-sensitive...

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Booker: save wildlife – kill a badger

Thus writes Booker, telling us that these are some of the consequences of that explosion that has taken place in our badger population since the 1980s and 1990s, when controlling their numbers was banned in response to pressure from the "animal rights" movement of...

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UK politics: the world is not a better place

We have a friend in court, or so it seems according to a highly indiscreet piece by Charles Moore in today's Telegraph.At the emergency Cabinet meeting before the Syria debate on Thursday, claims Moore, only one minister, the DEFRA Secretary, Owen Paterson, objected...

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EU integration: a shaggy horse story

I've been running Syria stories for three days running now, each of them being highly critical of the Conservative leader, Mr Cameron. And the strange thing is that I haven't had a single e-mail telling me I'm overdoing the criticism and should leave the man...

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Media: listening to itself

Prime Minister David Cameron's Commons defeat over military intervention in Syria has prompted a wave of debate online, says the BBC. And and where does it go for this "debate"? The legacy media. In the United States, some independent blogs might once have had a...

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Syria: an appalling political mistake

"There is no credible intelligence or other evidence to substantiate the claims or the possession of CW by the opposition. The JIC has therefore concluded that there are no plausible alternative scenarios to regime responsibility".That, it seems is the considered...

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Local government: a business of criminal extortion

At a rough estimate, in the 20 years since the introduction of Council Tax in 1992, local authorities have fraudulently extracted about £4 billion from unwilling taxpayers. Billions more has been stolen by bailiffs, in illegal fees, on the back of harassment, threats...

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Energy: the Geneva – Brussels nexus

Yet, as we are beginning to realise, this is one of the most influential of all the bodies on environmental issues, although it is best seen as part of a nexus working closely with the European Union. The EU contributes to the UNECE budget (along with member states,...

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Syria: Cameron isolated

It is now evident that Mr Cameron will not get the support of Parliament today for military intervention in Syria. And, as support fades, Mr Cameron has conceded that there should be two votes.This is attributed in part to Ed Miliband's demand that UN weapons...

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World governance: a play in our favour

Regular readers of this blog are at an advantage here, as they will have already met UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission Europe) and will be familiar with the concept of world governance, without the conspiratorial overtones.And here we have world governance in...

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