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Is the pope a catholic?

Is the pope a catholic? Richard North, 14/03/2013     Follow @eureferendum Well, he's a Jesuit. That may be better. We are warned not to expect too much, but you never know with Jesuits. If he...

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Horsemeat fraud: back in the news

After something of a pause, food adulteration has suddenly made a brief reappearance. Another Tesco product has been found to contain two to five percent horsemeat.This is 600g packs of frozen meatloaf, sold as "Tesco Simply Roast Meatloaf", manufactured between...

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EU budget: procedures baffling brains

The EU budget was up for debate in the European Parliament today, and then for a vote. Yet, despite the importance of this issue, which was pitching the parliament against the member states heads of government – who believe they already have a deal - only the BBC and...

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Climate change: not just us

A pile-up in the snow on the A45 yesterday got full media coverage, as dozens of people were injured, some seriously. And it could have been much worse. According to police, up to 100 vehicles were involved in the accident, including several trucks.Inevitably, there...

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Energy: Japan extracts methane hydrate

In what must been seen as a major setback for the greens, the Japanese have said that they have successfully extracted natural gas from frozen methane hydrate off the central coast of Japan - a world first.Methane hydrates, or clathrates, we are told, are a type of...

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UK politics: the “Europe” card

Polls may come and polls may go, but in the frenetic Westminster Village atmosphere of plot and counter-plot, this current Guardian/ICM poll is of some interest.A month after Eastleigh, it has the Conservatives clawing back some of Labour's lead, to stand at 31...

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UK politics: Huhne banged up at last

UK politics: Huhne banged up at last

UK politics: Huhne banged up at last Richard North, 12/03/2013    Follow @eureferendum And although one can rejoice at the downfall of a dangerous and self-seeking minister, I wouldn't wish their fate on anyone, not for that "crime" – especially when you see what real...

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EU politics: strange and different times

Without even having fought a single election, the Alternative für Deutschland is causing considerable perturbation in German politics, according to an opinion poll carried out for Focus magazine. Given the choice, the "prestigious Emnid poll" finds, more than a...

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Media: predicting the odds

That was less than a week ago. And now we have the Telegraph reporting that snow and freezing gale force winds have caused travel chaos across the country as Britain faces some of the coldest temperatures of the winter.To be fair, the "experts" are not involved in the...

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Energy: electric cars kaput

It was in October last year that Handelsblatt indicated that all was not well with the plan to produce (and sell) a million electric cars in Germany by 2020.Now, despite the pivotal role of electric cars in future energy management systems, the German car industry is...

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