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Brexit-Bottling MPs Skewered on Politics Live

slimy mps

Education Secretary Damian Hinds and Labour MP Emma Reynolds and were skewered this afternoon on Politics Live by CityAM’s Christian May over their support (tacit or otherwise) for Yvette Cooper’s anti-no deal amendment. They admitted that they both stood on manifestos pledging to take the United Kingdom out of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union, and both voted to trigger Article 50, thereby starting the clock and setting no deal as the legal default. It is logically impossible for MPs take no deal off the table now unless they are prepared to cancel Brexit altogether.

It’s not good enough for MPs who voted to hold the referendum, agreed to implement the result, voted for Article 50, and then stood on manifestos pledging again to implement the result in full, to now start engaging in Parliamentary shenanigans with the effect of blocking Brexit indefinitely because they haven’t thought through the consequences of their actions. It’s increasingly apparent as time goes on that it wasn’t Leave voters but in fact smug Remainer politicians who didn’t understand what they were voting for…


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