Bullying in the “Woke Place” – The Rise of Institutional Wokeism

You must have to have been living in a cave if you have failed to notice the exponential rise in “Wokeism” within our society.
What is Wokeism?
“Wokeism” is a growing phenomenon – emanating from a group of privileged left wing activists/Celebrity Luvvies/Globalists who act as  the “Thought Police” for society as a whole.
The shutting down of alternative opinion is their raison d’etre , if you have what they regard as “wrong think” or you refuse to “self censor” then beware because your livelihood or reputation could be at risk – they will come for you.
Recent victims of the “Wokeist” mob include Danny Baker and Laurence Fox, the latter whose recent appearance on Question Time caused an immediate meltdown on social and mainstream media – culminating in multiple death threats and leaving a question mark hanging over the future of his acting career.
I decided to investigate further and my discovery is deeply disturbing.
Institutional Wokeism/Censorship
 May 2019
Disinformation networks removed by Facebook as a result of this investigation posted content viewed an estimated half a billion (533M) times over three months. This means that, on average, these networks produced content that was seen almost 6 million times per day.
Avaaz identified three “alternative media” networks engaging in what they reported as containing elements of “spam behaviour” – Together, these networks have had 1.17 million followers these sites all appeared in the top 20 most shared websites in the UK, sometimes above The Guardian and BBC UK.


Fast forward to January 2020

Independent mainstream media outlets are engaging in a politically motivated campaign to force YouTube to demonitise and hide any video that denies climate change.
Published on Avaaz’s website, the left-leaning group released a report on 16 January 2020 that claims YouTube is profiting by broadcasting misinformation to millions of people by giving climate denial videos too much prominence.
Vice, Time, Gizmodo, The Verge, and countless other news entities want YouTube to punish creators who don’t toe the “correct” ideological line. The objective is to demonetize, and thus censor, such individuals.

There is a clear attempt to have content hidden.  Hiding videos would hurt creators and dissuade them from even trying to share their thoughts. It is an indirect way of removing ‘wrongthink.’

YouTube has already called into question the methodology of the report, but, given the media and powerful activist groups are targeting advertisers such as Nintendo, Red Bull, Uber, and Warner Bros, it’s a safe assumption the platform giant will SUBMIT to their demands if their bottom line becomes affected.

That the MSM agrees with this says a lot.  From the reaction to the countless Trump and Russia stories that went nowhere and fizzled, the most blatant purveyors of literal fake news in my opinion are the mainstream media.

I have only just scratched the surface of “Wokeism” and “Wrong Think” but my question would have to be why should anyone or anything have the power to dictate what others can say and think?
Points to Note:-
1.  Soros and the political pressure group Avaaz label anti-EU as “far right calling into question their credibility to determine what constitutes “false and hateful content”.
2.  The list of censored subjects is growing ever longer with the addition of the “Climate Change Agenda”(what next?)
3.  Alternative media is becoming more popular than the Guardian and BBC propaganda (hence the censorship).
4.  In their mind Brexit and Trump must never happen again – (the powerful are collaborating to “fix the problem”).
Our ancestors paid a heavy price for our freedoms – so lets all remember the phrase from Edmund Burke.
The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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