Politics: this isn’t England any more

It's just as well that I don't play chess very often these days. I think I might have difficulty getting used to the new rules. When black pieces cannot be taken, because 'black lives matter', and the white queen can only move one square to reduce 'white privilege',...

Politics: more fine messes

With the new Covid-19 quarantine rules starting yesterday, the words "chaos and confusion" are being freely used – another thing that this government has messed up, to add to all the other things it has messed up.One might suggest that Johnson's administration might...

Politics: approaching the “switch”

It does now seem that obedience of the law is optional. Should a large enough number of people decide that it no longer applies to them, and they are prepared wilfully to disobey it, then the role of the police is to take a "tactical decision" not to enforce it, and...

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