Sir Keir the Brexiteer

Sir Keir the Brexiteer

Sir Keir the Brexiteer [embedded content] Sir Keir dodged a question this morning on his LBC phone in about calling for an extension to the transition period. The former Remainer-in-Chief is now saying he wants to see a deal done by the end of the year, refusing to...

Coronavirus: assisted [economic] suicide

According to prime minister Johnson, in his address to the nation yesterday, the only way to defeat the coronavirus is for us to put up with restrictions on our freedom and all the hardships of social distancing.This is what the man said. Presumably, he's had all the...

Coronavirus: another day, another slogan

It is interesting to see Hackney Police whingeing about "fighting a losing battle in the parks" yesterday (pictured). After an interminable period of lockdown, people took advantage of the fine weather, which had the plod fulminating about "hundreds of people...

Coronavirus: give competence a chance

Pretty much, every one of my conclusions about multiple or prolonged contact, set out in my post on 5 May and again in this post, is endorsed by a series of papers offered in this tweet posted by Dr Muge Cevik on 4 May.If I'd had sight of these papers when I posted, I...

Coronavirus: making the facts fit

The "secret squirrels" of the Guardian just can't help themselves. To give them their due, they've managed to provoke the government into publishing the Exercise Cygnus report. The downside is that they've failed to understand its significance.The crucial point, which...

Coronavirus: risk factors

It is not so much that I instinctively distrust official information on hospital infection. I have had an interest in this subject ever since 1973 when I was an environmental health officer in Leeds, suspended from my post after leaking a "secret" report revealing the...

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