Coronavirus: the road to Hell

The only thing I would say about the sudden departure of Neil Ferguson is that it's a pity that he wasn't forced out because of his poor performance as a modeller.Nor can we take any comfort from the event. There are plenty to replace him and, as long as we have a...

Coronavirus: the infection paradox

There are many things which are puzzling about this Covid-19 epidemic – and there are few people who would claim that we know all there is to know about it, or that we are even close to understanding the dynamics of the disease.But, before one can make any sense of...

Coronavirus: Johnson’s reckless gamble

It is a seriously topsy-turvy world when Sir David King can offer himself as our public saviour, setting up a "rival panel of experts" to deal with the UK's Covid-19 epidemic.He claims that the public's trust in science is "at risk" over the "lack of transparency" and...

Coronavirus: fear is a rational response

Despite mutterings from the Westminster élites, who are taking serious flak from their corporate chums about the drain on their cash balances, it seems the nation is not that keen on lifting the lockdown, preferring the relative safety of isolation to the...

Coronavirus: lockdown blues

Given all the variables and uncertainties, not too much store should be set by the ONS interactive map which allows users to identify the number of deaths in different postcode areas.However, it is a small comfort that there have been no deaths from Covid-19 in my...

Coronavirus: the politics of delusion

At first, they followed the flu strategy to the letter, a process of managed retreat. No attempt was to be made to control the disease; simply NHS capacity was to be ramped up to treat the expected surge of sufferers.They and healthcare staff were to be dosed with...

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