Coronavirus: conceptual failures

I remember once, in our first house, we had a cat flap in the back door which led into the kitchen. One night, our own cat decided to invite a dozen or so of his friends in for a party. But, when I blundered in to get a drink in the early morning, they all took...

Coronavirus: the lockdown dilemma

We are now seeing a number of media reports suggesting that the rate of new Covid-19 infections is slackening off. And, by reference to NHS England figures for deaths, we can see that the number peaked on 8 April (currently at 803) and has been on the decline ever...

Coronavirus: comprehensively missing the point

Yesterday's Insight article from the Sunday Times has triggered a sharp response from the Department of Health, unusual in itself as the government usually maintains a dignified silence when attacked by the media.This time round, though, a government spokesman pulls...

Coronavirus: perpetrating the errors

The cases reported yesterday were 5,526, with the deaths at 888. This brings the total, officially recognised cases to 114,217, with 15,464 hospital patients dead – and many more besides. Meanwhile, the Sunday Times insight team is on the case, offering a detailed...

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