Brexit: nemesis foretold

It's almost getting to the point where almost everything that needs to be said has been said. Until we get more "fresh meat" into the debate, there is not a lot more can be added to the torrent of noise.The 31 December as a leaving date has already been discounted so...

Brexit: the end of the beginning

In a tedious piece that probably could only written by a Guardian columnist, Zoe Williams tells us that Brexit is a Conservative disaster that the Conservatives must own, and then goes on to say that, by 2024, "Brexit will be in the past, and the government will be...

Politics: NHS privatisation

"Private firms invited to run NHS services with cancer and kids treatments on sale", squeals the Sunday Mirror, thus perpetuating a Labour Party meme that the government is secretly planning to sell off the NHS.In lurid terms, the body copy tells us that NHS cancer...

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