sunday column we mustnt give up on democracy

SUNDAY COLUMN: We Mustn’t Give Up On Democracy

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 16th January 2022 Anyone who reads this column knows how many of our freedoms we have lost. Covid accelerated this loss, but didn’t create it, our liberties have been steadily reducing for some time. Under the Blair government for example, ‘hate speech’ became a reality. People can be prosecuted for expressing... Read more

new zealand jacinda arderns halo is slipping

New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern’s Halo Is Slipping

OPINION By Frankie Rufolo The leftie darling down under may have been sanctified throughout 2020, but now New Zealand’s Labour Prime Minister is losing the respect she once had. We’ve all seen it: that creepy clip of Jacinda Ardern in a press conference on vaccination. In case you haven’t watched the viral video, the leader... Read more

sunday column reality not conspiracy

SUNDAY COLUMN: Reality, Not Conspiracy

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 21st November 2021 It is always wise to avoid rushes to judgement.  It is always wise to be in full possession of facts before making decisions (or at least as much as possible).  It is always wise to avoid unnecessary worry – life’s realities can be difficult enough without inventing new... Read more

sunday column the glasgow

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Glasgow Experience

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 7th November 2021 Try as I might, I cannot figure out how socialism connects to climate, but apparently it does, at least that was a prevailing message in Glasgow on Friday.  Members of For Britain gathered at George Square on the 5th of November, right in the middle of the two... Read more

the ties that bind what purpose do international organisations serve

The Ties That Bind: What Purpose Do International Organisations Serve?

Kerry Jones  Thursday 28th October 2021  International organisations such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), World Trade Federation (WTF), and World Bank (WB) are all organisations that we hear a lot about, but how many of us actually understand what they do, and how much power do... Read more