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Council by-elections results from yesterday and forthcoming contests

Croydon – Norbury & Pollards Hill

Labour 1,379 (64.5 per cent, -3.3 on 2018) Conservatives 324 (15.2 per cent, -6.9) Independent 162 (7.6 per cent, +7.6) Green Party 91 (4.3 per cent, -6.0) Independent 72 (3.4 per cent, +3.4) Lib Dems 70 (3.3 per cent, +3.3) UKIP 40 (1.9 per cent, +1.9)

Labour hold

Durham – Wingate 

Labour 458 (64.1 per cent, -11.7 on 2017) Lib Dems 163 (22.8 per cent, +22.8) North East Party 74 (10.3 per cent, +0.1) For Britain Movement  20 (2.8 per cent, +2.8)

Labour hold

Southampton – Coxford 

Labour 668 (26.3 per cent, -1.9 on 2018) Conservatives 529 (20.8 per cent, +4.4) Lib Dems 450 (17.7 per cent, +14.7) Socialist Alternative 368 (14.5 per cent, +14.5) Integrity Southampton 178 (7.0 per cent, +7.0) Independent 174 (6.8 per cent, +4.4) UKIP 123 (4.8 per cent, +4.8) Green Party 53 (2.1 per cent, -0.9)

Labour gain from Independent

Forthcoming contests:

March 21st

Basildon – Vange (Labour councillor resigned)

Durham – Esh & Witton Gilbert (Lib Dem councillor resigned)

Kensington & Chelsea – Dalgarno (Labour councillor resigned)

Newcastle-under-Lyme Holditch & Chesterton (Labour councillor resigned)

Southend-on-Sea – Milton (Labour councillor died)

Thurrock – Alveley & Uplands (Thurrock Independent councillor resigned)

March 28th

Sutton – Wallington North (Lib Dem councillor forfeited seat after six months absence)

Clackmannanshire – Clackmannanshire Central (Ward currently split)

April 4th

Norfolk – Wroxham – (Conservative held)

April 11th

Edinburgh – Leith Walk (Labour held)

Burnley – Rosehill with Burnley Wood (Independent held)

Lambeth – Thornton (Labour held)

Merthyr Tydfil – Cyfarthfa (Independent held)

May 2nd

Dundee – North East (Labour held)


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