COVID 19: Health emergency or covert eugenics?

By The Truth Reporter:

Well it’s been an intense 48 hours here at Truth towers. We’re still processing this news but Mrs T wants this story told so here it is – warts and all.

Mrs T is on immunotherapy – most people will understand you don’t have that unless you’re pretty ill. Before anyone starts, we don’t need bunches of flowers or teddy bears sent or clapping in the street – at any time of day – Mrs T is an ex-soldier and tough as old boots, she’s a fighter  both mentally and physically and far tougher than I ever was. 

What we were not prepared for was the bizarre events earlier this week when she went for one of her routine scans. 

In normal circumstances the CT scanning dept is like a production line, people being marched through as quickly as possible.  Right now my local general hospital is eerily quiet, the corridors are almost deserted.  The waiting area for medical imaging had three people in it when normally there are probably five times that number.

None of this is a surprise, almost all non urgent procedures have been suspended and outpatients appointments massively reduced.

What was astonishing is that Mrs T was diagnosed with COVID19 as a result of her CT scan that day.  She was told that they had detected scarring on her lung which was consistent with damage from COVID19.

Oddly Mrs T’s oncologist said about 8 weeks ago that she had to do the full shielding protocol as due to her illness and other co-morbidities she had almost no chance of surviving COVID if she contracted it. Being the disciplined type she’s been following all the government guidelines, she doesn’t go out, all the hygiene steps are taken, even the incoming post is quarantined for 72 hours before she handles it.

So, not only are we informed that Mrs T has had COVID, it managed to scar her lungs but all the while she experienced not one symptom. No temperature, no cough, no weakness – no nothing.

So we have a lady who was given no chance of surviving COVID who survived without knowing she had it… is anyone smelling something a bit rotten yet?

You could put this down to NHS incompetence, sadly there is more than enough of that to go round but if we analyse our experience recently with the snippets of information leaking from within the government I think the picture is somewhat darker.

We are well aware of the reports that the COVID situation has been a breeding ground for the radicals to re-imagine government services on a far smaller scale. The news that Mrs T’s immunotherapy is now halted for review was a grim endorsement of that view.

None of us here are downcast – as I said above we’re here to fight both personally and systemically to resist the COVID tyranny. 

I have stated in previous articles that my analysis of the COVID narrative is that superordinately it is an attack on the entire western paradigm, to cripple the US economy to the point that the dollar hegemony crumbles. I believe an array of deep state actors, banking cartels and oligarchs are complicit with an agenda to end the era of money printing and rampant debt creation and bring in a far more controlled monetary paradigm based on universal ID systems and a global currency.

What price would these elites attach to a middle aged ex-soldier with an array of serious health issues? What place for her is there in their new version of the economy?

If I was suspicious of the intentions behind the COVID narrative then I am doubly so now, I suppose when the attack comes close to home you pay even more attention. 

Every day that goes by brings more inconsistency and the claim that policy is being guided by ‘the science’ is simply now laughable. In two weeks the government will enforce 14 days of quarantine on those who enter or re-enter the UK backed with punitive fines for those who fail to comply. What about the intervening time? Are there no infected people travelling now? Why are medics and fruit pickers exempt? Are they innately immune? 

We are in a world where nothing makes sense any more, Mrs T should be dead from COVID but she survived by not knowing she had it – or maybe she never had it and the diagnosis is an invention and the radiotherapy scars from 2017 are what they saw on the scan but then the doctor read the notes and would know that….. you’d hope….

You know me as the Truth Reporter and that’s what I do, I say it as I see it and the answers we are being given right now from the individual to the societal are all fundamentally wrong.

This is written because both of us want people to understand that there is something going on and it isn’t nice. Don’t fear for us, we’re fighters – we won’t be giving up anytime soon.

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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