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Covid Exacerbating Gender Inequality By Killing More Men


Covid Exacerbating Gender Inequality By Killing More Men

Today’s Covid data briefing from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) offered more grisly evidence of the gender inequality that’s emerged in the pandemic, showing once again that the virus is significantly more dangerous for men than women. The patriarchy taking a kicking again…

Despite the media’s navel-gazing on how coronavirus has had a “devastating effect” on gender equality for women (“More chores for women”, reports the BBC), the truth is this disease has little time for tokenism. Everyone has suffered in one way or another from this pandemic, yet it remains true that the virus kills more men across all age groups…

In fact, today’s JCVI data showed that for patients above the age of 40, the number of those with critical illness was roughly twice as high for men than women. The last time Guido saw inequality this severe, he was reading about Sky’s hiring practices…


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