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Culture War: What is the Endgame of it all?

Thank you to Tarquin Sutherland for submitting the article.

Culture War: Endgame?

We have all by now seen the horrendous footage of the death of Floyd George. It is no surprise that the officer in question has been arrested and taken into custody, the evidence appears unequivocal. Facts surrounding the case including a personal history between the two men in question add weight towards the notion that the outcome of what should have been a minor altercation at best, was in some way opportunistic and premeditated.

Shocking. If convicted, the miscreant officer rightly deserves the book being thrown at him, such a disservice to society across the civilized world has he committed. This is not how we do things.

However shockingly violent an act as he perpetrated, though — it is no excuse for what we have seen happen in its wake. Minneapolis in flames and so-called ‘protesters’ indulging themselves in a wanton orgy of violence and looting the likes of which have rarely — if ever been seen before.

As an angry mob begins to form outside the White House, I fear we may be watching the Identity Politics Endgame unfold in real time. ID-Pol has only ever been about divide and rule. Violence has flared up in LA and Atlanta too and as the pundits publicly scratch their heads and wonder how it might have all come to this, I suspect that many of them understand as we do — and as the evidence piles up in the form of graffiti scrawled across the burned out remnants of retail establishments; that the Hard Left rent-a-mob of Antifa and the Black Bloc have wasted no time in fomenting as much of this violence as possible — spearheaded by the only slightly more respectable Marxist group Black Lives Matter, who as we all know, (but few dare to ever point out), are sponsored and financed by one George Soros.

The more cynical amongst us might be looking at the chain of recent history in terms of: 

Plan A: St. Greta and the Climate Change scaremongering didn’t work.

Plan B: COVID-19 and the Pandemic scaremongering didn’t work.

Plan C: wait for an opportune moment and spark a Race War.

Of course, this kind of speculation is deemed unhelpful by the powers that be, but — Bacofoil balaclavas aside, it is plain to see that dark and malevolent forces are really hard at work attempting to upset, at best — and outright destroy at worst any kind of social cohesion or societal contentment. Whether it’s Dominic Cummings having to come back to Westminster to foil the latest underhand anti-democratic attempt of a cadre of high ranking Remainer Civil Servants to by hook or by crook extend our ties to the crumbling EU, or the increasingly creepy Bill Gates openly talking of a modern day equivalent of the kind of numerical tattoo that *actual* Nazis imprinted on their Jewish captives, (the terrifying aspect of THAT particular thread in all this is just how willing — and indeed keen people are to queue up to get theirs…) or, indeed mad-Jack Dorsey over at Twitter and the STASI ‘Trust and Safety’ team censoring the world’s most powerful man for supposedly ‘glorifying violence’ in a petulant display of millennial angst that boils down to nothing but the most hypocritical kind of temper tantrum that the vast majority of us find entirely laughable — as the blue-checkmark pawns in this power play all parrot ACTUAL glorification of violence in unison like the dull, grey NPC memes they truly are.

There has been chatter on the Stateside cable News channels of keeping an eye on the true enemy in all of this, and my suggestion on that score is the same as it ever was: follow the money. Cui bono? Only those whose vested interest is in seeing both Trump’s presidency and Brexit fail to deliver. They have tried almost everything now — and none of it has stuck. For proof of just how specious this confected viral pandemic was —  see how quickly the Left Wing MSM has pivoted back to their tired old Orange Man Bad routine and bleating on about Intersectional Structural Racism. No admonitions for those rioters, sorry, ‘protesters’ regarding ‘social distancing’ and the wearing of useless surgical masks. No Karen-like screams of horror about the risk of a second wave of infections. No, there is important work to be done — and as ever, it is a minority of ideologically possessed Hard Left lunatics being spurred on by some of the world’s richest people; (who cynically abuse the United State’s African-American communities by stoking hatred, division and the politics of envy) that do the heavy lifting.

For those of us that can add up, one glance at the statistics of violent crime and the Police response to it in America reveals an entirely different story to the narrative being driven by the likes of CNN and MSNBC — and make no mistake, it is these people who are the REAL racists, they play black people for fools as they think them all too stupid to realise that they are nothing but pawns in a much larger game — one called Globalism.

What happened to Floyd George is unforgivable, and one can only hope that justice is seen to be done on that score — but let us not forget that it was only a few moths ago that a young child was picked up by a well-known career criminal and thrown over the 3rd floor balcony to his death in the very same city! That child happened to be white though. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had been black? There lies the double standard.

It was Malcolm X that pointed out the following:

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

We can only hope that in terms of the Fake News Media of the likes of the BBC, CNN and the rest that the gig is up. As ever, if one follows the money, one invariably ends up with the same names on one’s lips.

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What is Wake Up UK?

A free to access, social network community where free speech is adored and political correctness is ignored!

A neutral platform where people regardless of race, creed, colour, ethnicity, national origin or religion can stand together in solidarity and work in partnership against all that threatens British culture, values, laws and way of life.

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