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Deputy headteacher jailed for raping 13 year old boy


A deputy headteacher described as a “predator” and a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” has been jailed for ten years after he raped a boy and possessed indecent images of children.

Christopher Darler, who taught at Rawmarsh Community School, raped a 13-year-old boy, who was not a pupil at the school, in September.


The 37-year-old former geography teacher, of Heyhouse Way, Sheffield, admitted two counts of rape at a previous hearing at Sheffield Crown Court and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

Judge Peter Kelson said: “You were a wolf in sheep’s clothing and you used your sheep’s clothing to full effect.

“You were a predator and you took your fantasies into the real world.”

DC James Crossley, from South Yorkshire Police’s internet sex offences team, said: “Darler was in a positon of trust and authority, while, at the same time, preying on a boy of similar age to the children he was trusted to be responsible for.

“This was a fast-paced investigation and the outcome would not have been possible without the cooperation of the victim and his family, who have shown a great deal of bravery over the past few months.

“Although no children from the school where Darler taught were involved in his crimes, this was understandably a very worrying set of circumstances for parents and I commend the school for their continued support and proactive approach with this case.

“I hope the community can take reassurance from the fact this man is now exactly where he belongs and any threat he posed to children in South Yorkshire has been removed.”

A spokesperson for Rawmarsh Community School previously told the Advertiser that Darler had been suspended after he was arrested in October and no longer worked for the school.

“It came as a great shock to us when we were informed Mr Darler had been arrested as part of a police investigation in October 2019 over non-school matters,” said the spokesperson.

“He was immediately suspended and is now no longer employed by the school.

“Following the initial allegations of inappropriate behaviour, the school worked closely with the police and the local authority designated safeguarding officer to ensure that all appropriate action was taken in respect of this matter.

“At this stage of the inquiry, there is no evidence whatsoever of any inappropriate contact between Mr Darler and any pupils from our school.

“Professional conduct concerns and safeguarding allegations within the trust are rare. Where allegations or concerns do arise, the trust works closely with the relevant agencies and authorities to ensure any allegation is properly investigated and formal action is taken.

“School life will continue as normal. We are offering support to the children in school, through our pastoral support systems and have informed parents so that they can be vigilant to any change in your child’s emotions and behaviour.”

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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