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EU politics: meaningless polls

But, to add to a growing collection of meaningless polls, we see the received opinion of which “powers” should be clawed back, the top three coming in as immigration, farming subsidies and employment law.

Notwithstanding that this is pure moonshine, we than get 43 percent of respondents wanting to stay in the EU of Mr Cameron wins back powers, with 36 percent wanting to leave and 21 percent “don’t knows”. By contrast, the straight in-out question gives 50 percent wanting to quit, 36 percent wanting to stay in and 14 percent “don’t knows”.

Just to complete the confusion, though, this poll finds that 41 percent of people believe we would be economically better off outside the EU and 26 percent worse off, topped by a massive 33 percent “don’t knows”.

That latter finding is the only honest answer. Whether we are better or worse off depends very much on the deal negotiated, and then our own efforts after leaving, although it helps to have the belief system in our favour. As a real finding, it is meaningless, the message being that the polls are simply part of the propaganda war.

And in that war, we are at least entertained by a poll in France by research agency BVA which shows that a majority (52 percent) of French people favour Britain leaving the EU, while 48 percent want it to stay. With a bit of work and I’m sure we can annoy some more Frenchmen, and get that majority to strengthen.



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