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Formal investigation launched into whether David Cameron breached lobbying laws


UNN’s Oliver Down has learnt that a formal investigation has been launched into whether David Cameron breached lobbying laws through his work on behalf of a company called Greensill Capital. The former prime minister is likely to argue that he was acting as an employee for the firm. This would be done as a means of meeting the guidance by the register of consultant lobbyists. The guidance states that people who lobby on behalf of their own organisation do not need to declare themselves on the register.

David Cameron has come under growing pressure to explain himself after allegations surfaced that he contacted the chancellor, Rishi Sunak on his private mobile last year whilst he was working as an adviser for Greensill Capital.


Greensill collapsed earlier this month and back last year it was aiming to access to the 100% government-backed Covid corporate financing facility. However, this would not have been within the rules as the facility was not set up to allow lenders to borrow money through the programme.

The registrar in charge of enforcing lobbying laws has confirmed a formal investigation. A spokesperson for the registrar has said: “Following media reports, the registrar of consultant lobbyists is investigating whether Mr David Cameron has engaged in unregistered consultant lobbying. The registrar will not comment on this further while the investigation is ongoing”.

Grant Thornton has been appointed as the administrator for Greensill Capital. They have declined to comment when contacted.  


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