Former Brexit party MEP claims “The European Union is no longer a safe place for the UK.”

A former Brexit Party MEP has claimed that the European Union is no longer “safe” for the United Kingdom and urged the government not to bow down to political pressure from those seeking to keep the UK within the political bloc.

Writing for the Express, former Brexit Party MEP Matthew Patten said: “The EU and Remoaners desperately want to slow things down, there’s no practical reason why Brexit negotiations cannot continue. 

“The EU is still fully functioning, earlier this week confirming that it is starting enlargement talks with Albania and North Macedonia.  The European Parliament also met in Brussels, attended by Commission President Von der Leyen, and with special arrangements made to allow absent MEPs watch, participate and vote from home.”

Matthew Patten

He added: “The European Union is no longer a safe place for the UK.

“The UK has never enjoyed such a strong negotiating hand as it has now. The general election gave Boris an overwhelming mandate to deliver Brexit. 

“The Covid-19 economic crisis dramatically increases the EU’s dependence on the UK as a trade and finance partner; post-Brexit, whatever the deal, we will still have close political, trading and cultural relationships with our European neighbours and the rest of the world.”

His words have been echoed by others who shared the same opinion on Britain’s exit of the EU, Chairman of the European Research Group of Conservative Eurosceptic MPs Mark Francois said: “The last thing this country needs when facing Covid 19 is to reopen the Brexit argument all over again! Modern technology, such as Skype, facilitates negotiating at distance so there is absolutely no need to delay the transition period. On that issue we should just Keep Calm and Carry On.”

A senior source in Downing Street has insisted that there is “no movement” on the date the transition period ends which was set in law with the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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