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Hundreds of thousands join peaceful Unite for Freedom march in central London


The long and eagerly awaited “Freedom Rally took place on Saturday afternoon in London, the 24th April.

The exact location and other details of this had to be shrouded in secrecy, because such large gatherings are still forbidden under the country’s lockdown restrictions.


People attending had to get to central London and await further instructions, which came about an hour before the start time of 1p.m.

This scenario only underlined another reason why people wanted to make their presence known, the fact that for over a year the right of freedom to protest has been effectively non- existent.

From late morning onwards thousands of people arrived and continued doing so all afternoon.

The numbers congregating were enormous and set off from Hyde Park corner in a long circular route of many miles back to the start point.

It was estimated by RT news that the numbers were in their hundreds of thousands, possibly 750,000, yet the government supporting mainstream media claimed it was just 10,000 or just a few thousand!

Anyone attending the march or people watching could clearly see the numbers had to be at least 40,000 to 50,000.

One paper even made the ludicrous claim that a “Kill the Bill” protest had been taken over by hard-line anti-lockdown groups!

The mainstream media also focussed, not on what it was all about, but on an after the protest incident, about 6.30 p.m, when the police charged a peaceful group of tambourine players who were simply enjoying being in the park, but which the police thought necessary to “disperse.” This is not something they do with any other protest, be it BLM, Climate change, et al, but only for anti-lockdown protesters, so it is not surprising this upset some.

The real positives of the day were that the marchers received huge cheers from the public throughout their route.

It was a huge morale boost for all those in the Rally to see their huge numbers and to be at one with those who were not going to tolerate “the new normal.” For many it was their first time on a protest, and they were invigorated by it.

Some were disappointed that there was no gathering at Trafalgar Square with key speakers, but that could not happen with the current government protest curtailments.

The Rally was about Freedom from all lockdowns restrictions and a demand to have no covid vaccine passports.

There were numerous different slogans, mostly self- made, on a variety of lockdowns issues, and the point was freedom to express your opinion.

The lack of an abundant supply of professionally made banners only verified the lack of funding the ant—lockdown movement has, but this was more than made up for by genuine people’s enthusiasm.

The atmosphere throughout the miles of 15 abreast marchers was almost carnival type, buoyant, with music, drums, some fancy dress and of course megaphones.

Those attending were of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds, with many feeling that the issue of freedom is the new political issue which transcends all others.

What was achieved by this mass rally was the reminder to the UK politicians that they are dealing with a formidable and growing force which will ultimately defeat their attempts to control and manipulate the population.

It also showed that despite there being numerous anti—lockdown organisations throughout the country, that they were able to come together as one for this event.

Louise Creffield, of one of the organising groups “Save our Rights,” said she thought the protest had been “amazing,” which would reflect the reviews of most of those attending.

A number of the “freedom from lockdowns” London Mayoral candidates were at the Rally.

Piers Corbyn of “Let London Live” party, Laurence Fox, the “Reclaim” party, Peter Gammons of “UKIP”, and David Kurten of the “Heritage” party.

One thing all freedom supporters who live in London can do it to use both their first and second choice votes in the coming Mayoral elections and give them to anti-lockdown candidates, as well for those standing as London Assembly members.

Anthony Webber

Independent Political Commentator

Founder of umbrella co-ordinating body, the National Alliance for Freedom from Lockdowns


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