Joe Biden destroyed by Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders has overnight been victorious in the Democrat primary in New Hampshire and the former Vice President Joe Biden got destroyed and finished up in 5th place. Not only did Mr Biden come fifth, but the primary will give him zero delegates as he desperately attempts to put a win on the board in South Carolina. The top 5 candidates in New Hampshire are as follows. 

Votes Vote Percentage
Bernie Sanders 72,343 25.85%
Pete Buttigieg 67,714 24.19%
Amy Klobuchar 55,447 19.81%
Elizabeth Warren 25,919 9.26%
Joe Biden 24,317 8.69%

*Results from Decision Desk HQ.

Pictured together Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden

Earlier in the evening in New Hampshire, Mr. Biden left New Hampshire early, hours before the polls closed, and flew to South Carolina. From there, he gave a speech to supporters about his supposed way forward in the race. During his remarks, he confused Nevada with New Hampshire. The Nevada caucuses don’t take place until February 22.  The speech said “When you hear all these pundits and experts, cable tv talkers, talking about the race, tell them: it ain’t over, man. We’re just getting started. Our votes count too. We’re not going to let anyone take this election away from me,” 

Many commentators felt that the Biden campaign has been banking on a win in South Carolina, they felt he needed to win there if he wanted his campaign to survive. To make the case that Biden is going to win from this position you have to argue that he is going to defy history in turning this around. Do we really think that Biden is a history-defying candidate?? Many left-wing Labour supporters have taken to social media to rejoice in the left-wing Berne Sanders victory in New Hampshire. These are the same people that championed Jeremy Corbyn and look at how that played out. 

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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