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Standard Membership (social network + live streams)

  • Use the website as a social media platform that works in a similar way to Facebook. You can post, comment like and share.
  • Watch our daily live streams on the live stream page of this website.
  • Standard membership is entirely free.

Premium Membership (social network + live streams + live chat)

  • As above but with a Premium members only chatroom beside the daily live streams.
  • Premium members also have the option to be able to go live with the live stream hosts if they would like to.
  • Premium membership is £3 per month.

You can enter the promo code freetrial2020 to get your first month as a premium member absolutely free.

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It’s understood that people are cautious when providing their details online and quite rightly so. It is for this reason that only your name and email is required when you join as a member. This is the bare minimum required for a social network website. If using your real name is a problem you can use an alias name.

Latest Members


7pm – Sir Geoffrey

7pm – Public Child Protection Wales
9pm – Delroy Henry

7pm – Justin Smith (10/02/21)
7pm – Anne Marie Waters (17/02/21)
9pm – Jeremy Poole

7pm – Sandy Smith (starting 18/02/21)
9pm – Dave Witcher

7pm – Jacqui Lowry
10pm – Red Pill Movie Night

7pm – Shaun Morris
9pm – Davey Russell

12pm – Katie-Jayne Swallow
5pm – Dave Simpson
7pm – Alan Merritt

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The best way to support this growing social network is to upgrade to a premium membership.

If you’re a free standard member and have benefited from using this social network then please consider showing your support with an affordable donation to aid our growth.


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