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Liberty – Road Out of Lockdown MUST NOT Ride Roughshod Over Our Rights


Liberty an advocacy group based in the UK, campaign and challenge injustice, protect civil liberties and promote human rights – through the courts, in Parliament and in the wider community.

In August 2020 I covered Liberty’s landmark victory – the first legal challenge to the police over their use of facial recognition. 


In a unanimous ruling, 3 judges found South Wales Police had breached privacy rights, data protection laws and equality legislation by deploying it.

Now Liberty has teamed up with expert charities, NGOs and lawyers to present the Protect Everyone Bill.  They state:-

“When this pandemic hit, we needed a Government response that we could be confident would protect us.  We needed an approach that prioritised support, not punishment. We should have had legislation that protected those most at risk, not laws that watered down rights and removed vital safeguards for groups like disabled and older people. 

But we got the Coronavirus Act.

We have been plunged into extended lockdowns with confusing communications – hitting already marginalised communities the hardest.  The Government’s pandemic response both oversteps the mark and under-delivers for those who need support the most.

Boris Johnson’s Road Map Out of Lockdown

Since the Prime Minster announced his roadmap out of lockdown, our front pages have been filled with promises of haircuts, holidays and freedom. 

Unfortunately, the plan isn’t a guarantee of freedom or a return of our civil liberties. 

Vaccine Passports

Dangerous suggestions have been made about vaccine passports and there is no indication that the Coronavirus Act will be scrapped. 

Coronavirus Act Renewal – Scrap it!

When the Coronavirus Act is up for renewal in the coming weeks, MPs must vote against this harmful approach. This will trigger a three-week window to create its replacement. That work is already done.

This Act created the biggest threat to civil liberties in a generation, and its renewal last September – despite repeated calls for it to be repealed – was the act of a Parliament doubling down on the wrong approach. 

In the coming weeks MPs have the chance to vote again on the Coronavirus Act. It must be repealed and replaced. 

The Protect Everyone Bill is one of Liberty’s most ambitious campaigns. We’ve drafted legislation covering more than 10 areas – from policing to education – with more than 30 policy recommendations and we’ve done this hand in hand with frontline groups. 

Our Bill removes the dangerous powers in the Government’s Coronavirus Act and replaces them with clear and proportionate measures focused on public health, human rights and protection for everyone equally. 

We’ll be in touch again soon on what you can do to help us get MPs to reject the damaging approach of 2020 and start to forge a new way forward – but we wanted you to see our plans first.

The Government has said it wants to ‘build back better’. The Protect Everyone Bill is how we do so. 

Together we can change things for the better.”


I am relieved that Liberty are speaking out against the removal of our freedoms under what can only be described as medical tyranny/health apartheid.

Any form of vaccine passport or certificate would result in a two-tier society, where some can access freedom to travel while others are prevented, it could be even more far reaching if Piers Morgan and those of like mind have their way:-

“Love the idea of Covid vaccine passports for everywhere: flights, restaurants, clubs, football, gyms, shops etc. It’s time covid-denying, anti-vaxxer loonies had their bullsh*t bluff called & bar themselves from going anywhere that responsible citizens go”

But the one major point that everyone appears to be overlooking is that at present there is NO EVIDENCE that having a covid-19 vaccine will prevent the recipient from becoming infected and spreading the “virus”.

So surely that would make any “vaccine passport” null and void – wouldn’t it?

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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