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6:00pm – NO SHOW YET
7:30pm – The 5G Show with Lee Garrett & Mark Steele
9:00pm – Jim Edward
10:30pm – The insomnia show with Windy Millar


6:00pm – Red pilled leftie student, Elliott Clark
7:30pm – Straight up talk with John Lawrence
9:00pm – The people’s show with Tracy Blackwell
10:30pm – No holds barred with Bossman Davey Russell


6:00pm – Families destroyed by the state with Katie-Jayne Swallow
7:30pm – The right side with James Goddard
9:00pm – Have your say with Shaun Morris
10:30pm – The Welsh Connection with Dave Simpson


6:00pm – Loud and proud with Jimmy The Hat
7:40pm – ‘No soy please, we’re British’ with Jeremy Poole
9:00pm – 2 cents of sense with Vinnie Sullivan & The Reality Report
10:30pm – NO SHOW YET


6:00pm – Joseph & Bobby Blair, the real truth tellers
7:30pm – NO SHOW YET
9:00pm – Open mic night with Jaqui Nutta Lowry

These live stream shows are all streamed on the Live Show and Chatroom page in the VIP member’s area on this website.

You can upgrade by clicking on the Membership link on the left if you are not yet a VIP member.