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What is Wake Up UK? is a social network community where free speech is adored and political correctness is ignored!

A neutral platform where regardless of race, creed, colour, ethnicity, national origin or religion people can stand together in solidarity and work in partnership against all that threatens British culture, values, laws and way of life.

A place where we can openly discuss uncomfortable truths, and focus on the solutions to transform our country for the better.

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Mark Sedwill -v- Dominic Cummings – The Fight for Brexit

Mark Sedwill who is he and how much power does he wield?

How many people know who Mark Sedwill is let alone how much power he wields – yet he is a very powerful entity pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

In May 2019 PoliticsHome ran an article stating:- 

“Sir Mark Sedwill faces the axe as Cabinet Secretary if a Brexiteer wins the race to become Tory leader, PoliticsHome has learned.”

One minister stated Sir Mark – who was Permanent Secretary in the Home Office when Mrs May ran the department – was “almost certain to be “moved on” as Cabinet Secretary by a new Tory leader.  He was unpopular with a number of high profile Conservatives including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

“Sedwill was seen very much as Mrs May’s creature’. “The hardline Brexiteers didn’t like him because he basically stopped “no deal”. 

From Sir Mark Sedwill’s No Deal Brexit letter to the Cabinet, April 2nd 2019

We believe there would be significant disruption in the short term. Food prices would increase by up to 10 per cent with steeper rises in fresh produce prices….  Unlike in 2008 our recession would be a local one, not an international one. This would make the currency depreciation more harmful….

The UK would forfeit access to criminal justice levers. None of our mitigation measure would give the UK the same security capabilities as our current ones.

A no-deal exit would enormously increase pressure on our law and security authorities and on our judicial system. The UK would be less safe as a result of this.”

Yet when Boris Johnson won the Tory leadership, he didn’t remove Mark Sedwill.

Mark Sedwill is a man who keeps on grabbing control of more and more committees…… from combatting fake news, to future responses to biowarfare and health emergencies, on the Cabinet Office, on Security Affairs and on the future shape of the entire Whitehall machine.

Sedwill is in charge of surveillance (GCHQ), Internal Security (MI5), Overseas Intelligence (MI6 and Special Branch), and Germ Warfare (Biosecurity).  

In addition, he controls the entire information flow to the FCO (diplomacy), the Cabinet (Political Executive) and the Rapid Response Unit (77th Brigade, formed in 2015) with Sedwill’s close involvement – to deal with large-scale emergencies).  He is also Head of the Civil service.  Sedwill is our most powerful unelected official.

A year ago, the Financial Times reported that Sedwill played ‘a highly publicised part’ in the exit from office of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson following a leak from the National Security Council. Williamson has always denied this, and those involved in the matter continue to state he was telling the truth.

Gavin’s real crime was to question in Cabinet certain plans for Free Speech restriction, and a shift of emphasis in funds from Defence in general to Military Intelligence in particular. 

Ministry of Truth & Counterspin

Andy Pryce is the most senior of Sir Mark’s Minions. He runs what could be described as the Ministry of Counterspin. He’s a confirmed EU fan and speaks at their various “anti-openness forums” on a regular basis. 

These are the EU High Level Group on “Fake News and the European Disinformation Laboratory.

Andy Price refuses any FOI requests about what the Head of Counter-disinformation & Media Development actually does.  When Journalists put in their requests they are met with a brick wall response.   Such things say more than truthful replies ever could.

Another classic clue to what Pryce does is the use of branding to describe the “wing” under which he is protected – the Integrity Initiative.   Wonderfully Orwellian.  The Integrity Initiative programme was started three years ago to look at “disinformation” and “malign influence” on democratic societies.

Let’s try and sum up what the Sedwill State Security Services are really about. He chooses and controls faceless officials who hide themselves behind laudable brand-names and obfuscate every issue with a view to having their will prevail. not the common good of an independent United Kingdom.

As long as such people in the shadows are steering what appears to happen in broad daylight, the EU will continue to thrive, while every diplomatic, political and electoral stunt will be used to get the UK back under the Brussels jackboot as we have seen since our historic vote to leave the EU in 2016.

None of these people like the Johnson Administration: They spit on The People’s decision to leave the EU, and they will use every tactic to present a sense of disorder and chaos to a gullible public about everything Boris’s administration touches. 

Sedwill’s Plot to Oust Dominic Cummings  

That brings me to the latest media circus the “plot” to oust Dominic Cummings to hurt Boris Johnson, and further delay Brexit, with a very willing remainer media and the Left dutifully playing its customary role as The Useful Idiots led by Sir Keir Starmer.

It would appear there has been an almighty power struggle going on behind the scenes between The Government and Deep State Civil Servants.

Jeremy Warner’s Telegraph column of May 12th revealed from sources how Mark Sedwill and his Fifth Column tried – while the PM and Cummings were disabled by Covid19 – to broker a deal with Brussels whereby they would ask for an extension to the “handover” period, and the UK would grudgingly accept.

Cummings returned to work in a hurry and vetoed the plan. 

Jeremy Hunt has finally admitted that he is the de jure leader of the 39 largely Remainer Tory MPs now demanding the Head of Dominic Cummings. 

Hunt judges this to be a safe move given that his Number 1 fan Black Prince Rupert Murdoch has almost completed (in alliance with Sedwill) the pounding artillery barrage of Cummings.

Sedwill has engineered the neutering of Gavin Williamson, the crippling of Priti Patel and the removal of Dominic Cummings.

Meanwhile, the Murdoch pressure on the Johnson-Cummings partnership gets ever heavier:

A Whitehall reshuffle has seen Dominic Cummings’ influence diluted, after Prince William’s private secretary was brought in and a critic of his was promoted. 

In a sign that Boris Johnson’s Chief Political Advisor had lost a rare power defeat Simon Case, the Duke of Cambridge’s private secretary, was brought into No.10 as the Permanent Secretary.

Mr Case has been described by those who have worked with him as a master navigator, who is able to discreetly negotiate difficult issues.

According to the Mail on Sunday sources claimed that Mr Cummings had been at the centre of an attempt to oust Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, although this has been denied by No 10 sources. 

Sedwill’s Plot to Oust David Frost Britain’s EU Negotiator 

The Slog blog (link attached) reveals  – he has been told via three entirely separate sources – that the next target for the most unaccountably powerful Whitehall grandee in British history will be David Frost, the rock-solid Boris Johnson appointment to take Britain out of the EU on time, and in total.

It’s important to understand just what that means. A senior civil servant who knew perfectly well that the Prime Minister has staked his reputation on leaving the EU on WTO terms if necessary by December 31st deliberately tried to sabotage that promise while the PM was indisposed.

But the media chose to crucify the man covering the elected British leader’s back, and ignored the most recent example of Sedwill’s casual undermining of our elected State.  He brought in Olly Robbins to do the same over the original Brexit deal. He buries every elected politician who opposes him. And now he has the Chief Brexit negotiator in his sights.


Mark Sedwill’s deep state civil service have been totally dedicated to killing off any meaningful form of Brexit, they no longer give a damn for British Rule of Law, the Constitution or democracy. 

But the power struggle between Government and the Civil Service over Brexit will pale into insignificance when the inevitable public inquiry is launched into who is responsible for implementing the coronavirus lockdown policy – this will I believe land the knockout blow.

Who is really setting Government policy – who will be the last man standing – watch this space!

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What is Wake Up UK? is a social network community where free speech is adored and political correctness is ignored!

A neutral platform where regardless of race, creed, colour, ethnicity, national origin or religion people can stand together in solidarity and work in partnership against all that threatens British culture, values, laws and way of life.

A place where we can openly discuss uncomfortable truths, and focus on the solutions to transform our country for the better.

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More


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