MPs report warns China’s orchestrated campaign of fake news is “costing British lives”

A new report from the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee calls on the Government to “confront and rebut” disinformation including fake news spread by the Chinese Government.

The planned disinformation campaign by China and other countries is “costing British lives” in the fight against coronavirus, the Chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has warned.

In a new report, MPs claim that China has sought to “obfuscate” over what really happened in the nation when the outbreak began when it should have played a key role in collecting data on its spread.

The committee’s Chair Tom Tugendhat told the Telegraph: “The Government has modelled their response to the coronavirus based on information from across the world. That is impossible to do if a country is misleading you.

“China’s lies are costing British lives. Now, more than ever, Britain needs to think about resetting its relationship with China.”

Thomas Georg John Tugendhat MBE VR

The committee’s Viral Immunity report also singled out Iran and Russia as being responsible for disseminating false information about the pandemic, the committee is calling on Her Majesty’s Government to work alongside its international allies, to actively “confront and rebut” disinformation being pushed out by foreign powers.

MPs highlighted the way whistle-blower doctor Li Wenliang, one of the first to speak out over an apparently new virus wreaking havoc in Wuhan, was forced to confess to “making false comments” before his death from the virus in February.

Many more doctors and journalists who have spoken out against the CCP have seemingly vanished or come down with the virus all of a sudden, leading to many questions over the safety of Chinas whistle-blowers.

The committee said: “Such deliberate misleading of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and scientists in other countries obscured analysis in the critical early stages of the pandemic.

“Disinformation about Covid-19 has already cost lives. It is essential that the Government issues clear and transparent messages at home to confront and rebut disinformation spread by foreign powers.

“It must also work closely with allies to present a united front where possible, and to help ensure that vital international research efforts are not compromised by propaganda and bad data.”

The reports emerge following the release of a major study calling for Britain to pursue the Chinese government through the international courts for £351 billion in compensation for the coronavirus outbreak spreading to British soil.

The study, from foreign policy think-tank The Henry Jackson Society, concludes the economies of the G7 group of the world’s leading economies has been landed with a £3.2 trillion bill following Beijing’s disinformation campaign.

Sources from Downing Street have suggested that the Asian superpower would face a “reckoning” when the pandemic is over.

Despite all the talk, the Labour Party has claimed that Conservative criticism of China is a diversion tactic to shy away from the Government’s own failings in fighting the virus.

Outgoing shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon said: “This is a Trump-style attempt to divert blame from the UK Government’s failures.”

The Chinese Government has faced widespread criticism of their handling of the outbreak from Western powers, despite this, the World Helth Organisation has repeatedly praised China’s response.

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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