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Next Tory Leader run-offs. 5) Gove 44 per cent, Javid 31 per cent.

This result closely mirrors our Michael Gove v Jeremy Hunt finding. There, Gove took 43 per cent and Hunt 29 per cent.  Here, Gove gets 44 per cent and Javid 31 per cent. And again, note that neither candidate has over half the total.  Over one in five of our Party...

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Trump state visit to UK in June

It has been confirmed that US President Donald Trump will come to the UK on an official state visit in June. Latest stories direct in your inbox Sign up for the free Red Alert email: He and the First Lady Melania Trump will arrive on 3rd June until the 5th. A meeting...

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Next Tory Leader run-offs. 3) Raab 60 per cent, Hunt 30 per cent.

Now we find a winner with more than 50 per cent of the vote. Indeed, Dominic Raab grabs the best part of two-thirds of it, defeating Jeremy Hunt by 60 per cent to 30 per cent. And note that the abstention rate plummets to under ten per cent, once someone who voted...

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Brexit Party unveil five new MEP candidates

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party have today unveiled another batch of candidates for the EU Elections, including left-winger Claire Fox and businessman Lance Forman. Latest stories direct in your inbox Sign up for the free Red Alert email: Forman said that the issue was...

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