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Dan Pitt: Reflections on our victory in Erewash

Cllr Dan Pitt represents Derby Road West Ward on Erewash Borough Council. In our local election campaign in Erewash, the battle cry was local, local, local. As campaigns go, it was a successful one, even though we faced a gale force headwind because of the handling of...

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Former Playboy Playmate Busted for Meth Possession

Valerie Mason, a former Playboy “playmate,” was arrested for meth possession in Louisiana on Friday night. According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report, while the 31-year-old did not have any drugs on her person, two grams of “suspected...

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Google Censors Video Exposing Google

Google-owned video platform YouTube took down a video from Project Veritas showing a senior employee at the company appearing to admit that the company plans to interfere in the next presidential election to stop Donald Trump. The video, which is still available on...

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Brexit: as good as it gets

This is the best the man can offer, in a soft-focus interview where he is in control and has every opportunity to state his case on Brexit. And still he can't make himself clear. But if – as we are forced to do – we dip into the rest of the interview, we can perhaps...

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