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Horsemeat scandal: extruded verbal material

There are people who read this blog – and there are those who are ill-informed. In the ranks of the latter, however, are not only the readers of the Financial Times but those (especially) who write it, and those upon whom the journalists rely for their information.How...

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Horsemeat scandal: a modest piece

Richard North, 15/02/2013    Follow @eureferendum A modest piece about the EU, also available online.  The advert topping the piece on my browser reads "Europe for less".  It is actually an advert for City Jet, but I take it as a sign.COMMENT: "HORSEMEAT" THREAD

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Horsemeat scandal: a crashing EU failure

Horsemeat fraud: a crashing EU failure Richard North, 15/02/2013    Follow @eureferendum The BBC reports, alongside others, that the French meat processing company Spanghero knowingly sold horsemeat labelled as beef – according to the French government. Spanghero's...

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Horsemeat scandal: ramping up the scare

The one thing you can guarantee about the food "scare" is that the moment the issue hits the headlines, a legion of agenda-pushers will come crawling out of the woodwork, all trying to ramp up the tension for their own purposes.Some of this is clearly mischief-making,...

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Horsemeat scandal: the dead hand of the EU

Consistently, from the very first, we have been characterising this horsemeat scandal as food fraud, with Owen Paterson picking up the theme of an international criminal conspiracy.As the Environment Secretary last night was hurtling down the motorway between Brussels...

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Horsemeat scandal: German Greens in disarray

Having virtually ignored the horsemeat scandal, the German media is now crawling all over it with the announcement that adulterated beef products may after all have been sold to German supermarkets.This comes after supply lists from the EU have been obtained, from...

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Horsemeat scandal: they’ve noticed – at last!

After a week or so of Owen Paterson telling everybody who would listen that food safety is an EU competence, the Daily Express has finally woken up to the fact that food safety is er … an EU competence.The most worrying part of the whole [horsemeat] furore, it...

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Horsemeat scandal: the Welsh connection

He, with farmer Carmello Gale, 47, of Llandysul, and one of the Ceredigion's own meat inspectors, Peter Maguigan, had been charged with conspiring to supply unfit meat. Two years later, though, the case was abandoned after evidence was given by plant manager Paul...

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