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French MPs vote for compulsory EU flag in all classrooms

Politicians in the French National Assembly have just voted through measures for the French flag and anthem to be displayed in classrooms – but the EU flag must go up as well. They voted through an amendment meaning that France’s national flag and words from the...

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Vatican Cardinal Condemns Spate of Church Vandalism in France

The head of the Vatican’s liturgical department has denounced last week’s wave of church vandalism in France, while others decry the “shameful” government silence surrounding the affair. “The acts of desecration and vandalism in the churches are highly reprehensible,”...

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Former Lidl boss: EU migration has kept wages down

The former Managing Director of supermarket chain Lidl has admitted that mass migration has helped keep wages low. As many on the pro-Brexit side have pointed out for a while, EU open borders screws British workers. Ronny Gottschlich told the BBC’s Wake Up to Money...

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Newslinks for Tuesday 12th February 2019

Letwin and fellow Remainers demand a chance to delay Brexit in return for time to renegotiate ‘The PM will try to convince the Commons on Tuesday to give her another fortnight’s grace for talks with Brussels for changes to the Irish backstop. She faces a fresh...

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