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EU politics: a seat at the “top table”?

There are few things more attractive to the UK government than the idea of a nice juicy trade deal with the United States. But, as we have seen, Mr Cameron prefers to throw his lot in with the EU and negotiate at the "top table" in order to get one.However, we just...

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UK politics: alternative scenarios

It is interesting that Tory commentators, as in "teenage scribbler" James Forsyth, are allowed to dissect the strategy of their beloved party, yet whenever one seeks to do the same with UKIP, I get blitzed by angry e-mail and a desultory few comments on the forum...

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UKIP: more blip than permanent shift?

I could not resist this: "there may well be less to Nigel Farage than many of us think". Perhaps it would be too unkind to say that one should delete "may" and substitute "is", but there has been a degree of over-hype to the Farage bandwagon, and a distinct lack of...

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EU referendum: recognition at last?

EU referendum: recognition at last? Richard North, 12/06/2013    Follow @eureferendum Or do you get the impression that he isn't referring to us? It might possibly be this, in which case trading standards ought to be involved. The last thing David Cameron wants is for...

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Water: corporate looting gets the Mail treatment

Its last critical intervention was in February when, far from calling for reduced charges, amid self-congratulatory bilge, it lamely complained that water companies should be "giving something back" to their customers from higher than expected profits.But, if there...

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EU politics: the avoidance of doubt

If there was ever a scintilla of doubt that the Prime Minister was dedicated to the EU cause, then surely it must be dispelled with this news - that he is, voluntarily, to sign up to nearly a third of a series of European policing and criminal justice measures, from...

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EU politics: “Brexit” and trade discrimination

A common meme floating round the eurosceptic "community" is that trade with the EU would continue in the even of the UK leaving the EU. Thus, the Eurozone, led by Germany, would not discriminate against British exports, says Global Britain in its latest Briefing...

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Climate change: a world of contrasts

The low temperatures have been linked to slack winds over central Alaska that have resulted in very little mixing to get rid of the cold air. Subsequently, Alaska's Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas have remained largely locked in ice.Yet, on the Atlantic side of the...

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