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Brexit: WTO option still needs deals

Confronted with the "no deal" advocates who airily assure us that, without a specific exit deal we can happily fall back on "WTO rules", I have for a long time been concerned as to whether these so-called "rules" are quite the panacea that they are apparently held to...

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Brexit: still failing to catch up

It is difficult to find the exact point at which I started pointing out the problems that might arise after Brexit as a result of inadequate customs facilities on the other side of the Channel.However, it is certainly the case that I was in full flow September 2016 -...

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Brexit: spelling out the consequences

There is something very odd going on in the media. From several quarters, we are seeing journalists write inanely optimistic scenarios for Brexit which defy logic and almost defeat explanation.In the Telegraph (no paywall), for instance, we see Dia Chakravarty offer...

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Brexit: preserving the fantasy

With the focus on Spain and the growing crisis in Catalonia, this has become the latest distraction for the British media – not that it needs any excuse for taking its collective eye off the ball when it comes to Brexit.Top of the news in that department is the loss...

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Brexit: keeping business afloat

EU officials are making plans for a "no deal" scenario in the event that the UK crashes out of the Brexit talks. This is according to Stefaan De Rynck, senior advisor to Michel Barnier, in charge of public engagement strategy and relations with think-tanks.In that...

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Brexit: not for public consumption

Brexit: not for public consumptionRichard North, 26/10/2017    Follow @eureferendum A busy day in the Commons' select committees yesterday had David Davis in one room speaking to the Brexit committee and Sir Ivan Rogers in another, communing with the Treasury...

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Brexit: the “no dealers” who want to fail

Much of the media attention was given to this, with the likes of the Independent again in full flow. It headlined: "Brexit can be stopped by UK, European Council president Donald Tusk says".The assumption is that Tusk was saying that the Article 50 notification could...

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Brexit: beyond reality

Mrs May was on her feet yesterday, reporting on the European Council meeting to Parliament, as recorded by Hansard and summarised by the Independent and the Guardian.If this was Apollo 13, about now I'd be calling down to Earth saying, "Houston, we have a problem"....

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