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EU politics: economic government for the eurozone

It should not pass without comment that, the day after the House of Commons tortured itself on the question of reducing the power of the EU, François Hollande was addressing 400 journalists in the Elysee Palace, to announce that he wanted to establish an economic...

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EU referendum: the “little Europeans” of the CBI

There is some merit in dismissing the Conservative manoeuvres on the EU referendum as "gesture politics", as there is a huge element of showmanship in the current proposals. But therein also lies danger. The referendum has been moved up the political agenda and the...

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UK politics: Farage at bay

"We've never had this kind of reaction before", said the clearly taken-aback party leader as he was surrounded by protesters chanting often crude anti-UKIP slogans.Scotland has always been difficult for Farage and, as he gets higher-profile, something like this was...

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EU politics: eurosceptic splits

DWN has been running a story about a power struggle that has broken out in the AFD, which has the potential to cause serious damage to the emergent party. And quick to intervene has been Handelsblatt, with comment and readers' letters, while there is some further...

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EU referendum: a load of Balls

To commit to a referendum about a negotiation that hasn't begun, on a timescale you cannot predict, on an outcome that's unknown, where Britain's appeal as an inward investment market would be the centre of the debate, seems to me like an unnecessary gamble. For too...

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EU referendum: a step closer

I'm not quite sure when the practice stopped but certainly before the war, an important debate in Parliament would get at least two full pages of coverage. And that was in the days when the likes of the Daily Express was a broadsheet. The reports, in eight,...

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EU referendum: a significant event

By the media and the paid politicians, almost any subject can be trivialised to the extent that it becomes a low-grade soap opera. And that transition was managed with consummate ease earlier this morning during PMQs, when deputy prime minister Nick Clegg stood in for...

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EU budget: a done deal

We warned last week that it was on its way. And now it is here (see page 9). The finance ministers of the EU member states, including Mr George Osborne, have agreed to provide an additional €7.3 billion for the 2013 budget, as the first tranche of an overall figure...

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