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(Premium membership required) tells people to keep pressure on Crucible Theatre to stop ‘LUDICROUS’ Covid19 trial scheme

The following was just published by the campaign with advice on how to lobby The Crucible Theatre and also other businesses for all of us who are opposed to these discriminatory vaxx-passports and medical coercion:

not the virus

We have already won a famous victory by assisting the Comedy Club in Liverpool to make the right decision and now we must do the same with the Crucible Theatre for the upcoming Snooker Tournament starting on the 18th of April. They are taking part in a CRAZY testing trial that will not help anyone! I have prepared the below e-mail for you to send to them so please get busy sending them over to both The Crucible and the World Snooker body!


Your standard response to complaints around your involvement in state medical trials has been as follows:

“As part of the safety protocols for the Events Research Programme, it will be a requirement that all participants are tested for COVID-19 prior to attending the Crucible Theatre and additionally 5 days post attendance.”

Do you understand how completely RIDICULOUS and LUDICROUS it is you are even considering to take part in this charade?!

Guests will be tested 5 DAYS after taking part whereby they could easily pick up an infection resulting in a positive Covid19 test elsewhere which would then be pinned at your door.

Are you also aware of the numerous medical papers highlighting significant concerns around false positive tests in Lateral Flow and especially PCR Tests?

If a significant outbreak is blamed on the Crucible Theatre how do you know you will not be held financially liable for this and be sued by participants. Likewise public confidence will be lost in your venue and the media will have a field day.

The Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool bravely took the decision to step aside from this and we are certain you will see sense and do the same. We want you to get back to normal as quickly as possible! 

Kind Regards,

We have also produced another letter/email that you can send to ANY Business big or small, local or national and if you want to forward this to people we have as a link here: 

Dear xxxxx

I am writing with support from which is a grassroots campaign opposed to continued state medical intervention in our everyday lives.

We have been closely critiquing the evidence base for the current COVID 19 strategy being brought forward by the government. We are particularly concerned about the potential implications for equality and equal access for all sectors of the community to events, facilities and resources that people were able to enjoy without restriction before the lockdowns were imposed. Likewise we are concerned that certain employers are coercing or even forcing people into taking medical procedures to keep their jobs.

We pride ourselves on championing the rights and welfare of all groups and have seen the potential for these new screening measures to produce division and inequality where it previously did not exist. 

Government plans seem to increasingly focus around technological solutions and smartphone technology, we are being contacted by people who cannot afford or use such devices and they are rightly concerned that they are being airbrushed out of society and marginalised simply because they do not have a smartphone.

As fierce advocates for equality and freedom we wish to raise with you the issue that legislation being considered by the Government will seriously affect a vulnerable section of society who are unfairly and unjustifiably marginalised by these measures.

We would like to suggest to you that you consider very carefully the potential for human rights abuses and discrimination against protected characteristics that imposing these measures may well constitute and to remind you that those who suffer such discrimination have rights which are enforceable in international courts which supersede UK courts.  

We simply want to make you think carefully about the potential for harm that these measures could impose on already vulnerable cohorts and to consider very carefully the need to impose them in the light of the real life data on transmissibility which simply cannot support such a disproportionate approach. 

I am sure you wish to open your facility to the widest possible group of people and understand that imposing this new regime may be for you simply a perceived route back to ‘normal’ but I would caution you that the string of broken promises from the government hardly gives us faith that these measures will not be used to unfairly coerce people, and if you submit to imposing these measures you yourselves will have been coerced into discriminating against vulnerable people simply so you can be allowed to trade.

What we are seeking from you is clear answers to the following questions:

1- We will never force or coerce a staff member to take any medical treatments

2- We will never support or facilitate the introduction of so called ‘vaxx-passports’ for our business 

We hope you can reply with a resounding YES to both however if you reply NO then will publish the full name of your company, all publicly available details of Directors and owners and all publicly available contact/social media details on their website as a facilitator of medical apartheid. They will also look to organise boycotts of your business as well as public demonstrations and social media campaigns.

We are pretty certain nearly 100% of businesses will agree with us that discrimination is wrong in all its forms so we look forward to hearing from you and supporting your return to real normality! 

Kind Regards,


Once again I promise you David if we all work together, hard and smart, then will have no ‘vaxx-passports’ in this country and no more lockdowns as well. This campaign is only just beginning and we have already done so much winning that momentum is UNSTOPPABLE! We will be organising demonstrations outside at as many of these as possible so we will need you to come forward and join us then.

All the best!

David Clews

P.S. We receive hundreds of e-mail a day we try our best to read but please understand if I am unable to reply

01 %285%29


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