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Piecemeal solutions to universal problems only make things worse:

Right now, the Events & Meetings industry is fighting to survive.

A sector worth £31.2 Billion to the UK economy, employing more than 700,000 people is on its knees. It has been forced to sit back and watch as allied industries have been green lighted to open on 4th July, knowing they have been pinned back by little more than descriptive words and collective terms.

They are not alone. Whether it is one of thousands of business owners trying to fathom the logic behind the ridiculously arbitrary rules of social distancing, or others who have simply been financially left behind, evidence is mounting that the Johnson Government is out of its depth and failing key supporters in a variety of ways and forms.

The Lockdown was a universal response to a specific problem, counteracted with specific measures instead of a universal solution. Its impact has already or soon will be catastrophic for many of the businesses who have been and continue to be directly involved.

Many of us have been left scratching our heads by the ability of politicians to chop and change their minds over who, what, why or when any busines, school or organisation can resume its core activity or trade. Then attempt to make it look as if there is some esoteric knowledge or secret leadership skill involved.

There isn’t. Many have already awoken and have eyes open to the con.

It would be fine for Politicians to continue playing their games if real lives and livelihoods weren’t involved.

Sadly, there are a great many. The lack of thought that went into the Lockdown; the financial packages that didn’t reach all the people or go as far as they should. Now the outright failure to think through how and what businesses need to fully function has left parts of the business sector dangling over a precipice. And it was all avoidable from the start.

It may be hard for Boris and his generals to think this way. But the big thing to do now would be to green light all UK businesses and let them manage their own restarts.

Politicians may not have the experience of business to know it. But business owners and managers are grown up enough to know what works and what wont.

What is more, commerciality demands that they be far more responsive to the needs and desires of customers than any of our politicians clearly believe that they themselves should be.

It’s time for the Government to ditch the unnecessary control measures and unleash the power of the engine of the UK economy to do its bit and let it take the aim of supporting this Country’s post-Covid recovery to its heart.

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