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President Trump confirms USA wants “nothing to do with” the NHS

As part of PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s trip to the UK for the NATO summit, he has taken some time to obliterate Jeremy Corbyn’s claims that the US wants the NHS on the table for any trade talks. The President has this morning told a pack of reporters he wants “nothing to do with it”. President Trump has undertaken a press conference where he again insisted he had no idea “where that rumour started”. However, Mr Trump went further stating that even if the UK handed the NHS to the US “on a silver platter, we wouldn’t want it”. 

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spent yesterday calling on Boris Johnson to demand that Mr Trump takes the NHS “off the table”. It would appear Mr Corbyn has got his wish, in no uncertain terms. Boris Johnson has repeatedly said the claims were false and that the NHS would not be part of any such trade discussions.

U.S. President Donald Trump

When asked on his thoughts on the upcoming General election: “I have no thoughts on it.” Although in the next sentence Mr Trump caveated this with a prediction that “Boris Johnson will do well” in the upcoming election, adding: “I think Boris is very capable and I think he’ll do a good job. I’m a big fan of Brexit.”

Mr Trump appeared in chipper mood taking a series of rapid questions. When asked as to the possibility of himself working with Jeremy Corbyn Mr Trump replied that he “could work with anybody”. Mr Trump will this evening attend a reception with the Queen and other world leaders. Mr Trump finished off with a sharp rebuttal of Emmanuel Macron’s comments regarding NATO, describing the comments as “brain dead” and “very insulting”. Mr Trump arrived last night for his three-day visit. It is likely to be eventful.

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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