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James Goddard

James Goddard

Brexiteer / Political Activist / Campaigner

James Goddard is a staunch supporter of the Justice for our boys campaign providing support to the parents in their fight against the corrupt establishment, who have concealed the truth away from all of you about three young lads that were murdered on the 26th January 2018.

More recently James has also been one of the prominent figures in the UK’s yellow vest movement, shutting down London bridges and challenging the remoaners outside Parliament.

The website might be waking up the UK on the Internet but James Goddard is waking up the UK on the streets.

It’s been said that James has a mouth and he knows how to use it!!!

James Goddard is live every Tuesday at 9pm at

Show Schedule

Mon 7pm - Time slot free - Get in touch!
Mon 9pm
- Seeking the truth with Caroline Stephens

Tue 7pm - Straight up talk with Big John Lawrence
Tue 9pm - The people's show with Tracy Blackwell & James Goddard

Wed 7pm - The Antifa Public Watch Show
Wed 9pm
- Have your say with Shaun Morris

Thu 7pm - Time slot free - Get in touch!
Thu 9pm
- 2 Cents of Sense with Vinnie Sullivan & The Reality Report

Fri 7pm - Time slot free - Get in touch!
Fri 9pm - The Rant Show with Davey Russell


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Live Show Schedule

Mon 7pm – Katie-Jayne Swallow
Mon 9pm
– Caroline Stephens

Tue 7pm – Big John Lawrence
Tue 9pm – Tracy Blackwell

Wed 7pm – Antifa Public Watch
Wed 9pm
– Shaun Morris

Thu 7:30pm – Jeremy Poole
Thu 9pm
– Vinnie Sullivan

Fri 7pm – James Goddard
Fri 9pm – Davey Russell’s Rant Show

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