Seems like Britain has been exporting terror…again.…

Sri Lanka suicide bomber was educated in UK, authorities reveal

‘We are talking about a group that was well educated, mostly middle class and stable financially’, defence minister says of bombers

The list of terrorists Britain is exporting is huge. When going to India now they treat British passport holders as potential terrorists. Even my “honky” parents get a grilling. The British passport is no “old sport” ticket these days. We have been exporting terror and letting our little terrorists go wherever they like in the world.

If states allow these extremists to wander all over the earth, to come and go as they please, then they deserve what they get. Britain is probably the worst state for exporting terror now. We have little in the way of border control and are very “tolerant” of extremism. That is why we have become a breeder of terrorism.

I believe that any state exporting terror should be fined huge amounts of money and plonked in the dock. This has to stop. The British authorities are not acting responsibly. Other states should put the pressure on to stop us doing this. Once we know there is a problem, if we do nothing about it, we become GUILTY AS HELL!

Also, the victims of British terrorist acts have been totally forgotten about by the British authorities. Look here,…

Terror attack victims maimed by jihadists say Government ‘has left them to rot’

If all this crazy # carries on the authorities will have no friends and all enemies. The terrorists will carry on doing their bombing and their own native citizens will resort to extreme politics and extreme measures of protection. Already in the U.S many “protectors” have gone down to the Mexico border to protect their state, lifestyle and territory. These kind of DIY homeland security mavericks will only increase as the threats to security increase. If the authorities will not do it, if they will not protect their citizens, then…


Look what liberalism has done to the West. It should be made illegal too (tongue in cheek statement of course and emphasis for effect) as an extreme political ideology and chased to oblivion. Liberalism is the worst enemy of the West for sure, 100%, alongside every ideology that allows terrorism to flourish like this. Put that sick animal down via the voting booth.

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