Shadow Cabinet’s Common People

Shadow Cabinet’s Common People

Now the Shadow Cabinet is in place, Angela Rayner and Jon Ashworth will be breathing sighs of relief to remain at the top table. Guido wonders when the lockdown is over whether they’ll party as hard as they did at Labour’s October Conference…

Guido’s always happy to showcase the hidden talents of the shadow cabinet. This sounds far worse that the recording we got of Ashworth before the general election. He’s just thankful this singing session didn’t result in a drunken leadership row, as seen in January.

Ironically, their choice of song was ‘Common People’; luckily, Rayner and Ashworth can get away with the label unlike many of Labour’s new front bench. With almost 20% privately educated, and 38% Oxbridge educated, Starmer’s top team are hardly common people…

Hat-tip: Guy Keith-Miller

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