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8pm For Britain Party – Anne Marie Waters
9pm Lee Garrett

7pm Alan Merritt
9pm Delroy Henry

7pm Patriotic Alternative – Mark Collett
9:15pm Jeremy Poole

3pm Daily Chaos – Olly Connelly
7pm Jay Carey
9pm Dave Witcher

6pm Red Pill Movie Night
8pm Funky Friday with Dave & Clive LIVE

7pm Quarrier’s Warriors – Sandy Smith

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One of the first things most people do when they join a new social network is to upload a profile picture. On average, members with a profile photo are contacted 3 times more than members who do not! This is why we recommend that all of our members add a profile picture. Not only does it increase the percentage of completion of your profile, but it gives you more visibility!

How to send a friend request

A social network is no fun if you don’t link up with your friends. This short video shows you how to find your friends and send them a friend request.

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