Suspected Illegal Immigrants continue to cross Channel amid ‘lockdown’

Reports of over 50 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United Kingdom via the English Channel are thought to have been picked up by the Border Force, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Border Force officials have been seen with groups of people at Dover, it is not yet clear how the boats were intercepted.

The Home Office has said the UK and France are working together to interrupt people-smuggling gangs, the latest arrivals into Britain took place amid concerns the coronavirus has reached refugee camps in France.

Source: PA MEDIA

Clare Moseley the founder of Care4Calais said the charity had learned of at least one case of coronavirus in a camp near Dunkirk, she said it was “very scared” about the implications of the virus spreading in the camps, where access to soap and food is limited.

Pictures published by the Press Association appear to show over groups of suspected illegal migrants being processed by Border Force staff.

Source: PA MEDIA

Tony Eastaugh, Home Office director for crime and enforcement, said: “The people facilitating these small boats crossings are doing so illegally and we are determined to stop these reckless criminal acts.

“We are working around the clock with law enforcement agencies in the UK and France to tackle illegal migrant crossings.

“Our priorities are to arrest and dismantle the organised crime gangs who are prepared to gamble with the lives of others and returning those who have come here illegally, from a safe country.”

Source: PA MEDIA

It was reported in the Express and Star that 52 individuals on four inflatable boats had been intercepted on Thursday (03/04/2020) and presented themselves as Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan nationals, and were brought ashore at Dover.

The BBC reported that “More than 40 migrants trying to reach the UK via the English Channel are thought to have been picked up by the Border Force.”

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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