the sligo murders are another warning

The Sligo Murders are Another Warning

Anne Marie Waters  Thursday 21st April 2022 There are some things we’re just not allowed to talk about. Even those who dissent from the mainstream on things like covid or globalism will very often avoid this topic. Others will talk about it but tread very carefully and make sure never to imply that there may... Read more

labour lunacy is a danger to devon

Labour Lunacy Is A Danger to Devon

By Frankie Rufolo, For Britain candidate for Exwick Franke Rufolo confronts local Labour politician For almost a decade, Exeter City Council has been completely Labour-dominated. For twenty-five years, the MP Ben Bradshaw has held one of the party’s safest seats. Until recently, they were in control of Plymouth whereas in more rural areas, the party... Read more

tommy robinson joins for britain scaled

Tommy Robinson joins For Britain

Tommy Robinson has joined the For Britain Movement political party.   Robinson, who is currently touring the country showcasing his series of documentaries around grooming gangs, joined the party after its leader Anne Marie Waters, a former UKIP leadership candidate, spoke at his recent event in Telford.  He made his announcement via GETTR and said... Read more

expose black lives matter in bristol

Expose Black Lives Matter in Bristol

Anne Marie Waters  Wednesday 2nd March 2022 FOR BRITAIN WILL PROTEST AGAINST ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ IN BRISTOL ON APRIL 9TH.   JOIN US. Black Lives Matter (BLM) have the kind of support most campaigners can only dream of.  The press portrays them as something akin to saints, even covering up their violence.  Their influence can be... Read more

aung san suu kyi and the tragedy of burma

Aung San Suu Kyi and the Tragedy of Burma

By Frankie Rufolo, Member & For Britain Candidate Guest Blogs and Opinion Pieces may not always reflect the views of the For Britain Party. This Christmas Eve should have been a joyous and peaceful time for us all, but on the other side of the world, yuletide was a bloodbath. It’s now been a year... Read more